Deal Blip: Preorder 2 or More Games on Amazon, Get 30% Off

My favourite deal of all time returns! Preorder any two games, get 30% off. Pretty simple. I deleted my existing preorder for FF7 and Fire Emblems Dates and created a new order for this deal. This may be exclusive to Amazon Canada, but honestly, it’s still probably a savings to buy from Amazon Canada and ship to the… »Today 12:37am11/30/15 12:37am

Batman: Arkham Knight is the poster child for waiting. 

This past June, the latest, and possible final, entry in Rocksteady’s Arkham series was released. Outside of a pretty broken PC version, the game was well received. It evolved the buttery smooth combat, added some additional gadgets and finally added the Batmobile. In the run up to the game’s release, it was revealed… »Yesterday 4:34pm11/29/15 4:34pm

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Impressions - Episode 9

Welcome back and on a new day too! Well “Sakazuki” was another low key episode wasn’t it? I’d be perfectly fine in saying this was Iron-Blooded Orphans weakest episode but considering the fact we’ve had eight straight amazing episodes it had to come somewhere. Luckily I expect a lot of the work that the episode put in… »Yesterday 3:10pm11/29/15 3:10pm