Mōryō no Hako Is a Testament to Anime

I was thinking recently about how, other than exceptions for fare like Game of Thrones or Mad Men (or watching my box set of Gossip Girl for the 5th time), my television watching is exclusively anime. “Does this make me close-minded?” I wondered. A few years ago I casually told a friend I needed a new anime to watch… » 8/03/15 1:49pm Just now

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle - the NotGoodForReview

Hello, all! NotGoodForYou here with another one of my amazing, totally-not-bought review. It’s been a while since I last did one of these, isn’t it? Well, I have a reason for that. Game companies stopped paying me to make their games look good Somehow all of my game consoles (all 4 of them!) burned their graphics… » 8/02/15 11:00am Yesterday 11:00am

Storytelling in Gaming: Choices and Exposition

The plot of a game has always been something that separates it from everything else and what helps sell the product. It is one of the holy trinity that comes together to create coherent games. besides gameplay, and graphics. Games can be great even if it doesn’t have a story, or gameplay or graphics as long as the… » 8/01/15 4:17pm Saturday 4:17pm