The Rationality & Philosophy behind Taykōbon's Redesign

Design affects how we perceive everything we see, and if you look around the AniTAY community, you can really see that ethos around. I’ve been redesigning all of the assets from AniTAY itself to my blog and now Taykōbon, but unlike my blog and AniTAY itself, I actually have a story and rationality/philosophy to tell… »9/04/15 2:13pmYesterday 2:13pm

Steam Achievements Are A Stupid Waste Of Time... Yet I Pursue Them Anyways

I sit down at my computer and boot up Civilization: Beyond Earth, I throw the game on Apollo Difficulty, add two human players, and get to work. I am building every Wonder, researching all available technologies, and buying as many tiles as possible. I am farming achievements, solely because I can, and it is a… »9/04/15 1:41pmYesterday 1:41pm