It's that time of year again where ghouls, ghosts and goblins come out to play. Princesses and Power Rangers too, let's not forget them. Need a Jack O' Lantern to help light your way? TAY carved a few!

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Great TAY Pumpkin Carve Off! Thank you to everyone who submitted a pumpkin and even if you did not hand it in to me, feel free to share your wonderfully spooky Jack O' Lanterns in the comments below (the post can always be updated!). If you have any great Halloween photographs to share, please feel free to leave in the comments too!

  • From our very own TAY Overlord, GiantboyDetective comes an adorbs, surely brave Captain! We'll find out in December for sure...
  • Next up, we have super cool pikachu with that over the shoulder look from ToxicBunnies. Pikachu you charmer, you:
  • In comes UI 2.0 with an awesome Metroid with the look of death, trying to siphon our souls:
  • "Since this month is all about the Dee that Waddles..." and hence the Neryl carved punkin cutie pie waddled over into Halloween and into our lives:
  • Swansie did not have a lot of time of this year, so only carved a few:

Update: A Swan was playing a Halloween trick on everyone. She didn't actually carve those and left her real pumpkin in the comments.

  • Monokuma threatened despair if I didn't carve him. Here is the Monokuma pumpkin I carved in more traditional lighting and a weird smudge on his face (vs the header image):
  • And finally, not a pumpkin but Habboi and Gears for Breakfast wish us all the best. I don't think paint daubs were used, so I'll allow it (even if I don't see a pumpkin...):

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, TAY!