First some Graveyard digs...

Tonight's shift...The Kaiju Mash


Hey everyone! How you all doing on this Monday night? Did you finish that thing you would during the weekend? Do tell.

But to the off-topic Monsters! We had enough zombies in apocalypse scenarios, and aliens or space monsters to go around. Even CoD is getting a Zerg rush mode. So this will be short and quick. Since recently got a copy of Godzilla: The Half-Century War, and damn...never get tired of that lovable, misunderstood radioactive overgrown lizard, and his buddies.

So I wonder if you guys have any favorite monsters or monster, be in games, films, books or even those expendable minions that you might enjoy pounding over, and over?


Would have chosen Smaug but only so much is obtain from the book (besides his awesome boast and devastation of the Lake Town) to make a real decision. Hope mister Benedict Cumberchiselcheeks will do the boasting some justice. =)

Don't have any monsters to look up to? Then as always, feel free to ignore all that I wrote, and chat about games, life 2d or 3d, and whatever you desire!


The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, random Jumanji syndrome, Cheetos plams , lack of nerves, and THAT THING YOU DID!

*Story/Art by James Stokoe & Color by Heather Breckel