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Good morning TAY and happy Monday. The beginning of the week is here and we all have responsibilities to take care of but I say “Not before we participate in the Open Forum!”

Persona 5 was announced yesterday! Who else is excited with me?! Along with a couple of other games which will be okay. We can all agree that this weekend was an awesome time to be a Persona fan.


Now I just wish that they would remake Persona 3 FES and Golden in glorious HD to the PS3 in way of a disc based collection. Those are the best. Maybe throw in the soundtracks to both games there because…those soundtracks are amazing!

That’s really all I wanted to talk about today. I've been looking forward to playing the rest of the Persona games ever since I played 3 (which I have not finished yet) and from what I've seen/heard of four, it could be one of my favorites. The atmosphere of three would be what will keep me a fan though. It’s the reason why I love Majoras Mask over Ocarina of Time.

Speaking of Majoras Mask, MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDO! I WANT A WIIU VERSION OF THAT GAME! Although I’ll settle for a 3DS port as well.

Anyway, I leave you with a question that some fellow TAYers and I discussed over the weekend. Is there a reason to have CD Rips (AIFF or WAV 1400kbps) compared to the AAC 256kbps that iTunes offers. I love iTunes because they let me just buy the songs I want and that I might not be able to find anywhere and have it synced across all my devices. BUT! I love having the highest quality of music available. I know some people can’t hear it but I can sometimes distinguish the differences between the AIFF version of a song and its AAC counterpart. AIFF/WAV rips feels warmer and richer with sound. It sometimes has a sense of depth that AAC seems to lack.

What do you think?

I leave you with a song from the Persona 3 because it is awesome! Morie and i have a love for this song!

I would love to hear what the TAytion (TAY nation) thinks about this. As always, you don’t need to succumb to helping me. Go ahead and speak your mind in the comments below. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have a good Monday!