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Happy MonTAY! Worse day of the week, I know. We're waking up groggy, getting ready for work/school, and then we actually have to be productive. Ugh. Regardless, let kick this Monday right in the gonads with the help of TAY Open Forum!

So this is the last week of class before finals start. This is the week I despise the most out of the whole semester. The constant pressure of knowing you need to get a good grade so your overall grade in the class is top notch. Whatever. It's two weeks and then I'm free to go and play video games to my hearts content and undergo the buying Christmas present fiasco I have every year. It's all good though. Speaking of which! I have my Secret SanTAY already! That person is going to love their gift (I hope)!


Another thing in my life is that I've been really thinking that I should get my tattoo already. I don't have any tattoos and I've only wanted to get one in my life. It's a symbol from Fullmetal Alchemist called The Gran Arcanum (see main photo of this forum) which subsequently is where my name came from. I want to get it on my right forearm. That place is where I've always wanted the tat to be but I'm worried about future employment giving me a problem because I have a visible tattoo. Granted, I love wearing long sleeve shirts almost 99% of the time and I would roll up my sleeve until it wouldn't show but I'm still hesitant for that reason. What do you think? Any advice?

In gaming news, I've been meaning to get back to Ni No Kuni for a while now. Maybe I'll board that ship again once school is over. Did you like that game? Personally, the little bit I played was just an absolute wonder and I loved every moment of it. It was like taking in Journey except I actually played Journey all the way through. I'm surprised i liked it since my favorite kind of games tend to lean more on the morbid side. Examples being LIMBO, Majoras Mask, etc.

I was reading an article the other day that talked about how the gaming community and many industry leaders believed that eventually tablets like the iPad would overtake the gaming throne and surpass consoles (no mention of PC though) in terms of both graphics and user preference. While I was very weary about that graphics section, the user base did make sense to me. I mean, a lot of indie games are already on the iPad and the complete XCOM game made it's way there. We also have Square Enix making all the Final Fantasy games available for it along with other favorites like Chrono Trigger. I feel that the moment Apple introduces their own custom built controller and tells developers that they should incorporate that code and implement that controller for the iPad...well then...that may be a game changer. Games like Rayman, Marvel vs Capcom, and many indie games could be ported to it's full potential on an already great selling product. I guess i'm just hopeful because i really love mobile gaming.

I would love to hear what the TAYtion (TAY nation) thinks about this. As always, you don’t need to succumb to helping me. Go ahead and speak your mind in the comments below. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have a good Monday!