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Happy Monday everyone! This Monday is amazing because I don't have to worry about school for the next month or so. It's all about work and games now! Hopefully I'm not the only done with classes and everyone here is taking a nice break from…well…everything.

With the release of the new Steam Beta machines and all the talk of different companies building what they believe to be the best machine for the price, I keep thinking to myself: "I do not like this."


To me, these "gaming machines" are basically gaming computers that run the SteamOS and have the ability to dual boot Windows if you wanted to. If that's the case, just built your own computer. It's a much more personal experience and you can set the budget to whatever you wish. I mean sure, you now have the ability to play a game while downloading a zip file in the background while also processing a video you are editing all in real time because your computer is beastly but some people don't really need that kind of power. Those who do things like this have a computer and have a console on the side to play games on.

Then there are exclusivity problems. PC games don't have as many exclusive games that you see consoles coming out with. Almost no Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft (at times) franchise comes out on PC. PC games do have the better graphics but to some gamers, the graphics really don't matter. This can easily be seen by all the love that indie games get. Some of these independent publishers and developers have games with sub-par graphics but really throw it down with how well implemented their gameplay is.

One area where I will give PC gaming credit is backward compatibility. I wish all consoles would be able to just play their older generation games. I don't want to go on Amazon and buy a PS2 to play Hot Shots Tennis, Final Fantasy XII, and Tony Hawk Underground just because the PS3 hardware is different. I hope that since the top companies are aiming to keep the infrastructure the same with its PC architecture, this could potentially mean that the PS5 could allow to play PS4 games.

Lastly, physical media. As a gamer, I love collecting games in their physical form and portraying them nicely. Same things go for my books, CDs, and movies. I have nothing against digital downloads and I'm glad they are there for those who don't really care for physical media but the way these companies are pushing for digital distribution more and more makes the future seem quite gloomy for those like me. I want to be able to admire the box art and pop the disc. Nowadays with Steam you buy the games at a great price and it goes to your library of games and you have to download it and done. Sure, in theory, that's great but I feel like the whole experienced is diminished. We all bash about when we had to blow on the N64 cartridges to get them to work but honestly, those were some of my happiest times as a gamer.

I would love to hear what the TAYtion (TAY nation) thinks about this. As always, you don't need to succumb to helping me. Go ahead and speak your mind in the comments below. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have a good Monday!