Off Topic: My Radio Show....

Would anyone like to help out with it? This semester at my school, I've been granted a two hour time slot on the student ran station. I have free reign to talk about whatever I want and would love to brainstorm ideas with you guys. Please contact me on here or my ConTAYct list if you have any ideas. The way the show is configured is below. If you'd like to do a segment or have any ideas for what I should center the show around, let me know.

00-0:20-Segment 1

0:20-0:30-Break 1


0:30-0:50-Segment 2

0:50-0:00 Break 2

0:00-0:20-Segment 3

0:20-0:30-Break 3

0:30-0:50-Segment 4

0:50-0:00-Break 4/End of Show

My ConTAYct list: