Praise be to all ye men of worth,♪
Who build proud towers from clods of earth,♪
Who grant our fancies form and weight,♪
A thousand wonders incarnate...♪

The Wandering Minstrel spins a tune...

... and Rosalyn awakes in the Eighteenth Floor.

I do hope you’re enjoying your time here on the Eighteenth Floor. We’ve all been so eager to meet you. You see, Eorzea is our shared passion─from its deepest valley to its loftiest cloud, and all that lies in between. And you, as one who has chosen to fight for this glorious realm, have become a hero not only to Eorzea’s citizens, but to us as well! As I am sure you know, our beloved star once faced a ruinous fate. It was a fate born of arrogance and pride and vanity; a fate we brought upon ourselves. Thus did we seek to commune with you, Eorzea’s heroes, that we might together realize a desperate plan: to forsake our doomed path and begin our journey anew. We would tear down what we had wrought, and build another world amid the wreckage of our hubris. Since that day of rebirth, more than five years have passed in Eorzea. The land breathes with renewed vigor, and the lure of adventure invites you onwards and upwards into the heavens themselves. We shall never again make the mistake of believing that Hydaelyn is ours alone: it is the culmination of the history we have made together, and the future we have yet to share. There will be days when we shall stand side by side, our laughter ringing in the air. There will be days when we shall be at odds, our brows furrowed in frustration. But only through such earnest exchanges shall Eorzea continue to flourish, and new creations take shape. The Calamity taught us the truth of that. It is our fondest hope that your adventures in Eorzea will be a constant source of joy and wonder. May you ever walk in the light of the Crystal! ...Now, the time has come for this vision to end; time for your eyes to open from this waking dream. Ever will we be watching over you and your deeds. Guide the realm unto peace and happiness, Warrior of Light...

After Naoki Yoshida’s speech, Rosalyn awakes from her vision back in Ul’dah.