Streams here: Niconico (expect this to fill VERY quickly, no premium means you’ll probably get the boot) and Twitch (streamed by someone that presumably has a premium Niconico account) BE WARNED THOUGH. Everything will probably be in Japanese. I’ll be updating this with information as fast as I can, if you can’t check the stream or don’t understand.

I have to apologize for the bad formatting. I’m trying to keep up with the stream.

Awesome new visual!


JP Release date : 15/09/2016!! (no english release detailed sadly)


Three new characters released, two combat oriented girls, of which one appears to be the student council prez, and another (bespectacled) girl that seems to be the support.

The calendar with a completion rate for how many hearts you’ve stolen. The dates also line up with the year 2016's dates.

There appears to be part-time jobs you can take; probably tied to a social link.

Persona 5 is confirmed to appear at this year’s E3.

Persona 20th anniversary edition, up for preorder tomorrow!

The discs are a collection of the music.


Special Personas available as DLC

Special persona 3 based outfits for the team

The Anniversary edition box.

The anime, which will air in September, is officially titled Day Breakers.

An interview with the P5 staff.

There will be anniversary celebration events: a concert in August, and a fan festival in December.