Time for a costume update! I'm about 66% of the way there now, and a lot of what remains is the small detailing that looks super simple but will kill my time. Plus I'm making a potted Groot So that's going to be a nifty little sculpting challenge.

On to the cosplay as it stands right now! Pardon the mess, as you can see there's quite a bit of crafting going on, and it's not just mine. Also, of course I have to pose with a Portal gun. Rocket would probably be wetting himself if he ever ended up at Aperture.

If you want to see some of the prep and design issues I faced, read the first part here.

On to the parts!


The arms are a pair of ultra-fuzzy sleeves attached to a simple linen shirt. I actually reused the pattern from my Persona 4 school uniform jacket to make the sleeves.

Cutting lots of fluffy fur. The fur for the head, tail, arms, and legs are all mixed together here, but I marked everything with chalk on the backsides.

Inside out of the sleeve.

One sleeve done, sewn into linen.

Both done. I wanted to use just as much fur as I needed so I wouldn't die. Why, then, do I have fur down the sides? When my arms are raised in the jumpsuit, you can see pretty far down the sides, so I accounted for it. Plus it pads out the costume so I don't have to bind down my... huge tracts of land. More on that in a bit.

MORE WORK: None, completed.


Paws were pretty easy, but unfortunately, the fur doesn't really go through my machine or my friend's leather machine. So all the fur had to be sewn by hand.

Stitching the hands

Completed paws. The wrists are not even so I have a tab to yank them off.

MORE WORK: A little bit of hole-filling around the fingers


Basically just furry stockings... the old kind, held up by a garter. Again, I wanted only as much fur on me as I absolutely needed.

Half a leg, with linen garter attached. I actually didn't take any photos of the finished legs, but will add to the final post when the costume is done. They're held up by one of my kimono jime (thin cloth belt).

MORE WORK: None, completed


Hoo boy was this a doozy. I couldn't find upholstery foam OR chicken wire so improvised the living daylights out of this.


I actually ended up buying something called Nu-Foam, which is bench seat foam, but made from highly dense polyester batting. What this meant in practice was that it couldn't be hot glued like many of the head tutorials instruct, but it COULD be sewn. And, being batting, it actually can be breathed through. So I basically made a stiff balaclava out of it and then furred it.

Sewing the basic head shape.

Sewing on and then carving down the ears

Sewing on more layers of batting to then be carved into a muzzle

The finished sewn and carved head.

Taping down the head with packing tape so hot glue and fur can be applied. Friend said this stage looked like a mouse...

... and then a hamster. I also screwed up and didn't realize that fur needed to be shaved off the larger piece of fabric, not cut (this step was made before the arms and legs) once I realized it, I removed the poorly cut muzzle fur and started over.

Much better. Super fluffy.

Starting to actually look like a raccoon. Whiskers are florist's paper wire.

Eyebrow dots!

The furred head.

MORE WORK: Mesh where my real eyes sit, make fake eyes, fake nose, better secure a few pieces of fur, add a few more whiskers


Did a TON since you last saw it!

This si where I ended last time. Tons more done since.

Installing the black panels and the inner thighs.

Basting everything, added the tag that hides the zipper.

Adding the belts that snap the flak jacket to everything else.

The leather collar being installed, too

Supergluing the collar to the vynl, sewn together later after glue set.

Cutting out tailhole below flak jacket flap.

MORE WORK: Belt hooks, lots of Velcro, kneepads, pockets, hem leg holes.



Sewing together bands of fur.

Tail sewn up...

And stuffed!

And then sewn into tailhole.

MORE WORK: Add belt loops. Tail pulls backwards on the collar of costume a bit too much for my taste. Want some of the weight distributed around my waist.


I used some of the batting to make padding for myself so that I have a flat barrel chest, it's an inch deep around. It gets worn after I put on the arms.


So much pleather....

Cutting out brown portion, detail stitching on leather machine.

Installing light on back of jacket

Adding layer of black pleather underneath.

Stitching it into shape.

Attaching shoulder straps and tail flap.

Building out the jacket- I had to have the whole costume on and the sides sewn up while wearing it, because of the lack of give of pleather and the g=fact that I had so much padding on.


MORE WORK: Attach Velcro (the jacket will velcro on over, it's too stiff to put on over my shoulders like an actual vest), cut down to size properly, attach side detailing and padding.


Feet: need to make. They will be like spats and go over a pair of sneakers.

Pockets: dark brown pockets are hanging from the bottom of the three belts on Rocket's jumpsuit, need to make them.

Kneepads: need to make as well

Groot: want to make, will do if time permits.

Costume thus far:

Also, holy crap that head is HOT. I need a fan or something. Any suggestions, TAY-ers?