There is no weekend like Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta. We have five major NCAA football games, the USA 500 NASCAR race, the Decatur Book Festival (one of the nation's largest), and of course Dragon*Con. It may be overshadowed by the earlier San Diego Comic-Con, and of course Pax Prime happening the same weekend keeps the West Coast of the U.S. scene occupied, but Dragon*Con prides itself on being all about the fans. This year's event is no exception! (Don't miss the extreme Elder Scrolls cosplay I posted Friday, as well.)

I spent about 18 hours on Friday and Saturday finding the best cosplay I could with my simple smart-phone camera, so please forgive the amateur quality of these images. I also need help identifying many of the most-amazing costumes, like the young lady in the robotic yellow mech suit pictured above with little blasts of smoke coming out! (I know I've seen the character somewhere, I just can't nail it down.)


Here are some of my favorites. I created this Google+ shared album featuring all my photos, but the Kinja editor won't let me embed it here. Please tag, share and identify any characters I missed!