It’s been a while since we’ve had an anime character in a ERB, since Goku v Superman in Season 3, way back in 2014. Now we get Ash and the first appearance of Pokemon, taking on the original Nature Boy, Charles Darwin. Does Ash get the KO or will Chuck send Ash crying to Nurse Joy?

I have to be honest, this season has been pretty weak over all. It started off strong with Tolkien v Martin, then Gordan Ramsey v Julia Child, an odd pairing I don’t think anyone asked for. Douglas v Jefferson was great but then they do the really odd and off putting Bruce Banner v Bruce Jenner. Not even gonna touch that one. James Bond v Austin Powers wasn’t that great but Ivan The Terrible v Alexander The Great was a solid mid-season episode, a nice strong way to end the first half. Then Clinton v Trump which was a hot mess and not as funny that the election is over. It certainly was no Romney v Obama. Then we got this one and we’re back on the high side.


One issue with this season has been odd matchups. Not sure who thought Bruce Banner and Bruce Jenner needed to duel, other than sharing a name. Powers v Auston makes some sense as they are both British spies. But then we get this, and after that we have Wonder Woman vs Steve Wonder....because they both have Wonder in their names? But that’s for another article.

So here we have Ash Ketchum and Charles Darwin, fighting because they have different philosophical approaches to nature. Ash starts things off with a nice over the shoulder battle screen shot from the game.

Ash makes a crack about never having caught a Ghost type. I guess this is because Darwin is dead, but per the comments, he has actually never caught a Ghost type Pokemon in the anime. Pokemon experts can let me know if this is true or not.

I like this zoom in right into Ash’s eye, then the zoom out as Charizard flys into the frame.

The ERB guys did a great job on animating the Pokemon in this episode.

“Your shit talking mouth is the origin of feces”. A great line that slams Darwin while riffing on his most famous book, “The Origin Of Species” Ash spinning the Pokeball on his finger Globetrotters style was a nice touch.

We get Ash taking a three pointer in front of a Butterfree...

right into a basketball hoop connected to an Exeggutor.

“When it comes time to battle, I choose Pikacuh. But when I need a weak verse, I choose you” Right on time, Pikachu zaps Team Rocket and we get the famous Team Rocket flying into the sky.

Charles starts strong, commenting on how this is real world, where real ground breaking work is being done. “You’re so ineffectual, you couldn’t even turn 11.”, a reference to Ash’s never changing age in the long running anime.

A couple of nice lines from Darwin. I like the Game Boy pun, calling back the game series’s origin on the original Game Boy handheld.

I don’t know why Ash from Evil Dead is here other than sharing a name with Ash Ketchum. But he’s Ash from Evil Dead so it’s ok.


Darwin ends his part by talking about how his work challanged the church’s views and how Ash measures his worth by sales. A good solid end. Then Ash does a really odd fourth wall breaking speaking bit about barncacle dick. Just really strange, that’s all i’m going to say about it. Moving on.

A nice pun and reference to the HMS Beagle, the ship Darwin rode on for his round the world study which was documented in The Voyage Of The Beagle. I also love the Pikachu, really cute.

A pun on the Galapagos Islands, a part of the world visited by Darwin on his boyage aboard the Beagle. We have a visit from the famous MagiKarp and Ash riding a Lapras.

I love this line. It’s a great callback to Michael Vick’s dog fighting and a slam on the ethical guandary of Pokemon fights. It makes up for the stupid “Dar-winning” callback to Charlie Sheen.

Ash then retorts with a crack on the three kids Darwin lost to disease. “TB and scarlet fever, gotta catch them all”. Charles then counters with a crack at Pokemon Go. “It took mllions of years for mankind to evolve....”

Charles finishes the rap by saying that while it was hard to lose his kids, it was also as hard as something else.

If we had to judge a ERB by final line, Charles is Dar-winning this one. But it’s not my call, as the man says.....WHO WON?.....WHOSE NEXT?.....YOU DECIDE!