My Game List Is Live! Interactive Friday!

It's the best day of the week everyone! Friday! What better way to enjoy a Friday than by doing something engaging with the people that i love.

*que the "d'awwwww"*

So i decided to make my gaming list public to everyone here. This gaming list is more of a backlog but it also includes games i have played as well. This list better serves as games that i should play in the future but doesn't excludes the ones i have already played that made a huge impact on me.


Feel free to add games given their respective platforms or if a game came out on multiple systems via a port , just write the game under which system will offer the best experience. The list is for everyone to have fun with recommending games i should play and also making sure i have the right information about which port is the best and what-not. If you have a comment about a specific game, just right click on the field that you are typing in and select "Insert Note" and write to your heart's content.

I can't wait to see all the hidden gems and what people write.

IMPORTANT! Please do not delete any of the current information i have written down. Feel free to add but please don't delete.

Okay ladies and gents, without further ado...

Have fun!