The voting is over! We're just going to go with two different games on Wednesday. I know, it may seem a little silly at first, but I'm trying to figure out exactly what the best way is to pull this off, so excuse me as I take the Game Night group through some growing pains.

For the Euro-centric group, the game of the night will be the ever-popular Team Fortress 2.

As for the Americas-centric group, it looked like there was a tie between Killing Floor and Tribes: Ascend. I thought about it for a while, and since Tribes was free, whereas the free weekend for Killing Floor ended before our Game Night was scheduled, I decided that Tribes would be the better option. Having more people is more fun, you know? Plus, I'm sure we'll be able to do Killing Floor in the future.

Just remember, you gotta go fast.

So now that you know what got voted in, I'm just going to post a reminder of what we're looking at this week, since this is going to be a tad different than the other weeks. Please keep this list in mind if you have any questions on scheduling, and let me know below if something seems unclear to you.

Monday, July 22nd:

[3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  • 4pm EDT (8pm GMT) to 6pm EDT (10pm GMT)
  • 9pm EDT (1am GMT) to 11pm EDT (3am GMT)
  • Island tours for tokens are suggested, but you're free to do whatever.

Wednesday, July 24th:

[PC] Team Fortress 2

  • 4pm EDT (8pm GMT) to 6pm EDT (10pm GMT)
  • Free to download from the Steam Store

[PC] Tribes: Ascend

  • 9pm EDT (1am GMT) to 11pm EDT (3am GMT)
  • Free to download from the Steam Store
  • You can make a free account through my referral link here.
  • If you already have the game, please link it to Steam for easier coordination of the Game Night. You can do this easily by going into your launcher options and adding "-steam" (without the quotes) to the game command line parameter.

Sign-ups and reminders will go up on their respective days, with the sign-up for Animal Crossings heading out later today (~12pm EDT or ~4pm GMT).

Thank you, everyone, and I hope to see you all this week for some multiplayer!