The Equinox was upon us yesterday, Summer is officially over here in the northern hemisphere. And climate wise, it sure was a weird one. Scratch that, it was in fact THE weirdest Summer ever a bit all over the top of the planet.

But well, I had a good one. Played all these awesome games I've had on my backlog for years (decades in Mario RPG's case), produced from scratch two music albums (one of them already released, a big mistake* and a hard lesson well learned… the other is a surprise!), beach and swimming every morning… it was tiresome, but it was worth it, allowing me to clear my mind from mundane work stress and worries, things that will take you to an early grave if you don't know how to compensate. Is it weird that I also spend my vacations working hard like a condemned man? I just can't stay put in one place and simply do nothing… never could.

Did you miss any of the entries? If so, here they are in convenient pretty pictures for you to click and quickly access for posterity.

A Prologue

Chapter I: Aces High

Chapter II: Old Friends in New Clothes

Chapter III: A PC Inside a PC: PCEnception!

Chapter IV: Inventory Management is the True Horror

Chapter V: Of Plumbers and Stats

Chapter VI: Never Leave Eurasia Alive

Chapter VII: You Died. You Died. You Died.

Chapter VIII: The Gearhead's Dream Coma

Epilogue: At Summer's End

Thus ends yet another crazy series of arTAYcles from yours truly. There will come a day when I must leave you all and drop from the face of the web and that day is coming fast as time slowly burns. I again wish to thank to the people that bumped me to TAY author, I really do enjoy writing and it's something I rarely have the chance to do about video games in my home country. I will miss it…

Until next time: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

*Never, EVER release a Game Boy tribute album on the same day Nintendo is having a live Treehouse broadcast and starts sending out Smash Brothers 3DS demo codes. No one will care!

*OMAKE* Here are a few nice photos I took because Zarnyx.