* The Gil Toss name is used with permission from Zarnyx. Her (much better than my) Gil Toss articles can be found here and here. Read them! They are awesome and so is she! :)

Five days ago I ordered something, told my husband it was on the way, and promptly forgot about it. So when there was a knock on my door and the mail woman gave me a package yesterday, I didn't know what I had. And then I remember! And it was glorious! OK, maybe not glorious, but awesome. Yes, awesome!


What was this awesome things you ask? Only the Borderlands 2 Swag-Filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest!!

It's no secret that I love Borderlands. My little picture is Lilith. I have a Borderlands tattoo, so it is no surprise that I would order such a thing. Being as no one I know cares about this, except you TAYers, I thought I would share my unboxing. It's not a video, but I took some sweet pictures of the awesomeness.


(Sorry for yelling. Just thought you should know.)

So once the brown cardboard box was opened, this is what greeted my husband and I.

Like Jack doesn't suck enough in the game, he has to invade my real life? :P I had a good long laugh at it, and (now slightly more cautiously) opened the box, to find this...

It's a Swag-Filled blah, blah, Loot Chest. And it was much larger than I was expecting. Upon opening that we found some smashed up newspaper. But looking more closely at the newspaper revealed it was all Borderlands 2 related!

Here are some of my favorite things from the paper:

You know what was wrong with some of those sentences? They had too many syllables! Apologize Mister Torgue! (Sorry if you don't get that. Borderlands humor. Actually most of the newspaper was Borderlands humor.)

Under the crumpled up (Why did they crumple it up anyway?) newspaper was this shiny Goliath's Mask, which is just like every other mask you had as a kid.

It stinks, is hot and smashes your nose. But still interesting, I guess.

Next up: the wanted posters. Just like the ones in the game. Only on one sheet, which stinks...in a different way from the mask. :P

My favorite things of all are contained in this little pouch.

Inside are 21 special weapon cards that include codes to unlock in game. Why 21? I don't know...it's Gearbox. I don't question anymore. I just follow. OK, maybe not always.


The cards are not only for some amazing weapons, but in true Borderlands manner, they are hysterical to read.

I totally forgot, but there were window decals too, but you can't really see them unless on something dark and they came on a white piece of paper, so no pic. Sorry.


So I was going to end this with a "HA! HA! You can't get this anymore!" (Why am I so mean?), BUT Think Geek has posted that they are going to be getting more, since the first batch sold out in only 3 hours. Here's the link. It's a little pricy...$99.99. Do I think it's worth it? Eh, maybe. I love the games and I'm all about Borderlands, but the posters and mask are a little underwhelming. Of course, my opinion could change once I see how amazing the weapons are in game. I'm always looking for the next great piece of loot. :)

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