Godzilla King of the Monsters has an undeniable place in popular culture in both the East and the West and with his headlining of a new series of films his role in popular culture seems assured. As the lead of one of the most popular shared universe around Godzilla while awesome in his own right is not the only reason people tune in. His enemies and allies when done right can often make as large an impesion on the audience and pop culture as the King himself. Now let us take a look at Godzilla’s Greatest Allies and his most Deadly Foes!

There have been many foes Godzilla has fought and beaten however there is one foe that got the best of the mighty kaijū. Roland Emmerich was the director of Hollywood’s disastrous first attempt at a Godzilla movie and what a disaster it was. While a box office bomb success (god damn I hate writing that) but reviled by both critics and audiences alike it is rare to see such unified disdain such as what Godzilla (1998) received from movie goers around the world.

Indeed Godzilla (1998) was not just hated by the west; Toho the producers of the actual Godzilla films hated it so much they refused to call the monster Godzilla. The name settled upon in canon is Zilla as Toho felt Hollywood “Took the God out of Godzilla”. Their displeasure was so noted in the film Godzilla: Final Wars the actual Godzilla faced off against Zilla in his first appearance in an Toho production and the godless Zilla was crushed in the shortest fight in the film. In the end Roland Emmerich’s handling of the film and character was so terrible and poorly received he managed to do what far more powerful foes failed to do; kill the King of the Monsters twice. Once in his movie and once in the West as Toho refused to allow another attempt at a remake for the better part of two decades.

Seeing a pattern here near the low points of our list? Although the Godzilla revival I would argue got Godzilla right by making him more a force of nature then a mere monster the enemies... ya not so much. The MUTOs or Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms while threatening to humans didn’t pose much of a threat to our hero.


While they possessed an interesting assortment of abilities for this fan they never really really seemed all that threatening. Their bug like appearance foreshadowed their greatest weakness, which funny enough was their general weakness. Compared to a skyscraper sized nuclear dinosaur these kaijū while strong and certainly fast could not stand up to Godzilla’s massive strength or well this...

For a film series about gigantic monsters beating the stuffing out of other giant monsters it often tries to make a societal point. Godzilla was in many ways Japan’s answer to being the only nation to ever suffer a nuclear attack a message in a monster as it were. Hedorah was Toho’s answer to pollution and the increasing knowledge of humanities less then stellar upkeep of our planet.


Hedorah wasn’t that complicated, a gigantic muck monster born of pollution who gained strength from the poisoning of the Earth. Breathing out noxious gases Hedorah was also one of Godzilla’s most deadly foes able to kill Humans is extreme quantities. As a threat to Godzilla he was also quite real being strengthened by Godzilla’s Atomic Breath attack and his mucky body being resistant to physical attacks. He would likely be higher on this list except for his design, as a muck monster he will not be winning any contests for intimidating designs especially against some beast later down this list.

The first of the standalone kaijū on this list and later Godzilla frenimies. Rodan was first introduced in its own feature film before becoming a minor enemy of Godzilla. However Rodan to fans is mostly seen as a valued ally of Godzilla, this is especially true later in the Showa era of kaijū films as Rodan is one of Godzilla’s most stalwart allies. Even if one could argue he is kind of a dick at times.

Interesting Rodan in its initial appearance is very similar to the MUTO’s as a pair of monsters very much attached to one another. Making it one of the more sympathetic kaijū in the early Showa series of films. Strangely despite its popularity Rodan is one of the least defined monsters in terms of power as at any given time its shown transformations, heat rays reminiscent of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath, and the standard compliment of strength and durability. It should be noted Rodan is so tough he’s shrugged of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath on occasion, a feat reserved only for Godzilla’s greatest foes.

All hail Mothra Queen of the Monsters! At first glance Montra is not that threatening in either larva or moth forms however behind her glowing eyes is a power that can rival most kaijū. First things first Mothra is a god as a divine being she is almost unique in the Toho universes as not actually being a product of space or science like most other kaijū.


Along with her divinity she is also a powerful psychic and coupled with her ability to make hurricanes with the flap of her wings is considered one of the most powerful kaijū around. So much so she actually has the highest win-loss ratio against Godzilla himself. However its as an ally of Godzilla that she shines the most proving herself one of his most dependable allies and as a kaijū that actually likes humans things mostly get better when she shows up. It is for these reasons Mothra is considered one of the few Toho monsters that can rival Godzilla in popularity.

What makes MechaGodzilla so awesome? He’s Godzilla only a mech, his total awesomeness is not hard to understand. While his origins have differed over the years ranging from extra terrestrial to basically being a Evangelion he’s always been one of Godzilla’s greatest foes. In all his appearances Godzilla has never been able to take his mecha doppelganger one on one, requiring a whole slew of allies to keep the fight even.


In terms of raw power I would consider MechaGodzilla to easily be in the top three most powerful foes Godzilla has faced. Basically being the perfect mechanical counter to Godzilla’s biological perfection.

Me after seeing Shin Godzilla “We wan’t Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, we want Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, we want Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0!” Though to be honest this Eva fan would be okay with a bad ass Eva v. Godzilla anime film for now anyways...

To be honest I have always been more of a classic Godzilla fans with his classic villains and allies being my favorites so putting someone like Destoroyah on this list is kind of surprising for me. However got to give credit where credit is due and this owe is owed it. As one of Godzilla’s most powerful foes likely in the top three; he is also one of the most evil, as unlike other kaijū Destoroyah seems to revel in the pain he causes showing itself to be quite sadistic.


Destorayah is also an incredibly powerful creation created by the use of the Oxygen Destroyer used in the original Godzilla (1954) that left Godzilla himself dead. To be honest I did not even think was still in canon by this era but that is a small issue... however effectively being born of Godzilla’s death Destoroyah is without any doubt a true monster. Even going so far as to kill Godzilla Jr just to bring pain to the young kaijū’s father. In the end it was mostly due to smart planning and not brute strength that finally brought an end to the beast.

Note: SpaceGodzilla which was introduced in the same era of films is comparable in power to Destoroyah however we have already seen a whole bunch of Godzilla clones both figuratively and literally over the sixty plus years so I’ve never thought to highly of him.

While I tried to keep this away from a ranking list instead of just writing about monsters I thought were cool, powerful, and awesome I never had a doubt in my mind who was the best. It is obviously King Ghidorah the nearly all powerful three headed golden alien dragon destroyer of Venus. Yes that is right King Ghidorah is the only character to have ever successfully destroyed an entire civilization.


While in most of his appearances he is little more then a pawn of his alien overlords his amazing design and destructive power more then make up for his lack of control. However based on his backstory had he been in control I do not think it would have made much of a difference in the end as he is pretty clearly on the evil side of things in the Toho universe. Often taking up to three monsters including Godzilla at full power to take him out. Of Godzilla’s three most powerful foes King Ghidora stands above them all surpassing Godzilla himself by quite a bit.

Well that is all, I hope you all liked my slightly tongue and cheek look at the Godzilla franchise. This was of course brought up by the announcement King Ghidorah and Mothra will be the main monsters of the upcoming MonsterVerse Godzilla sequel. While I think it is kind of insane to bring King Ghidorah into the universe already well you know Hollywood go big or go home. Anyways tell me what you think in the comments any other awesome monsters I forgot but you think need to be talked about?

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