Every Sunday in August, there is a Fireworks show in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and seeing as how this is my first Animal Crossing game, it was quite a treat.

An interesting addition in New Leaf is custom fireworks that use your designs to make big spherical explosions, and once I realized that, I knew I had to make some special designs that were interspersed amongst the other fireworks. I took screenshots of the wonderful time I had and thought I might share them with all of you.


Here is the special fireworks festival music to get you in a delightful mood for the pictures:

Beginning the festivities at sunset, with Isabelle and Redd

Oooo. Aaaaa. The Death Star is gone and Animal Crossing is saved!

Very cute. ♥ Animal Crossing never ceases to be charming.

Hey now... That looks familiar...

Firing off my own firework!

Buying cookies and winning prizes from Redd the fox.

(Get it? "Redd Foxx")

Watching a shiny firework at the town hall, with the proud flag of Peaceton.

Hangin out with Kapp'n the Kappa, possibly my favorite AC character so far.

Showing off my sparkler to Tom the cat.

Well hey there, Giant Bomb's logo!

"Hello Patrick..."

(reference to Spookin with Scoops videos)

"I love watching you." (from Imscared)

Kotaku was there, too!

And in honor of the recently deceased Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb dot com, I included a design loosely based on this great "OBEY"-like image by a fellow Giant Bomb member: Link

Tonight and each Sunday at 7PM in August, you can enjoy a fireworks show in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as I have. This game is charming in every way, and as a game which encourages a simple peace and joy with the player, I'd say it is exceptional. Despite usually preferring more intense and tactical games with crisis and competition, I am thankful for getting to occasionally enjoy games like this.

Now, as the night winds down...

Rest in peace, Ryan Davis.