Today, in the future year 2077 of an (hopefully) alternative timeline, is the day the bombs were dropped across the globe. All nuclear-capable nations, primarily the United States, USSR, and China, laid waste to humanity and brought to us a radioactive world filled with raiders, radroaches, and Mama Murphy. Today, October 23, 2016 we celebrate that we haven’t reached that point...


We still have 16 days till the election.

While the destruction was indiscriminate worldwide, many major cities have been featured locations for the Fallout world, including my current home, Washington D.C., known in the alternative future as the Capital Wasteland. Being the Capital of this nation, you’d be right in assuming that it was filled with fallout shelters. Some were created in some pretty “monument”al places, but the majority are now collecting dust in inconspicuous locations or have even been repurposed for a modern era. But these ghosts of the Cold War still linger. So, for your consideration: (Non-Vaul-Tec Corporation) Fallout Shelters of Washington D.C.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, 12th St. & Constitution Avenue, JpSr388
Chavez School (Formerly Bruce School), Sherman & Kenyon NW, DistrictFallout,
T & 15th Street NW, JpSr388
T & 15th Street NW, JpSr388
T & 15th Street NW, JpSr388
DuPont Underground, DuPont Circle, Geneva Cegelis, WAMU 88.5
4th & H Street NE, DistrictFallout,
1126 11th Street NW, DistrictFallout,
1216 10th Street NW, DistrictFallout,
Barbara Chambers Children’s Center, Irving & 16th Street NW, JpSr388
Shrine of The Sacred Heart, Park & 16th Street NW, JpSr388

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