Hopefully by now you have read Dexomega's and FruityDrinks' articles about their own picks for worth while anime viewing from the Winter 2014 season. If you haven't, you totally should. Primarily because they focus on the shows that will not be appearing in this article! I think they've already covered Noragami, The Pilot's Love Song, Nobunagun, Nobunaga the Fool, Nisekoi, and Wake Up, Girls! well enough that I don't need to cover those shows again (Especially Noragami, Nobunaga the Fool, and The Pilot's Love Song, which both of them covered.).

Now to further explain my choices, I am not going to pick any sequel series or continuations of Fall 2013 series, on the basis that if you are already fans of them you should be watching anyways and I don't want to tell anyone to watch a sequel series if they haven't already seen the previous series. Also, to put it out there, Space Dandy is not amongst my picks either, because really, who hasn't already made up their mind about whether to watch this show or not by now? As for why six, well long and short of it, these are all of the remaining shows from this season that I really, really like and haven't been covered in either of the other picks articles. So with all of that said, on to my picks!

Hozuki no Reitetsu

Genre: Dark Comedy, Supernatural

Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Hozuki is the chief aide for the Great King Enma in Japanese Hell. The serious-minded Hozuki tries to manage the unusual situations he finds himself in as well as reign in the crazy characters that surround him. In his spare time Hozuki dedicates himself to odd hobbies, such as growing goldfish flowers.


Watch If: You want to expand your cultural horizons. Hozuki no Reitetsu oozes Japanese mythology from every pore, though it also uses figures from Chinese mythology and the Abrahamic religions.

Avoid If: You want a series that is easy for anyone to follow. Hozuki no Reitetsu is so steeped in Japanese mythology that if you know very little about it, you will definitely be lost, as they throw out references left and right without any explanations most of the time. This is a series that is better the more you know Japanese mythology.

Where You Can Watch It: Crunchyroll

Sakura Trick

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Yuri

Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Haruka and Yuu were inseparable during middle school. They then move on to a high school that will close down once their class graduates. As they begin to interact more with friends, they decide to share a kiss to make their friendship more special between themselves.


Watch If: You are a yuri fan. Sakura Trick is the first yuri anime series in quite a while to not beat around the bush. Other recent series like Yuyushiki and Kiniro Mosaic only teased at yuri. Sakura Trick avoids the teasing entirely. Also if you are a fan of cute girls doing ridiculously cute things. Sakura Trick is pure animated saccharine goodness.

Avoid If: You aren't tolerant of yuri. There is quite a bit of girl on girl kissing going on here. Also, if you expect any plot, cause Sakura Trick barely has any, really.

Where You Can Watch It: Crunchyroll

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Music

Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Super Sonico is an ace college student who has trouble juggling a busy schedule as a model, musician, and a waitress in her grandmother's restaurant.

Watch If: You liked K-On!. Soni-Ani is roughly what K-On! would be if the lead character was also a model who attended college. Also if you want to see women in anime who have some curves to them that aren't just in their chest area. Super Sonico and her fellow band member Fuuri are more full-figured than most female anime characters and very few of the other female characters are rail thin.

Avoid If: You dislike moe. Soni-Ani is nearly wall to wall moe overload, though it does have a few touching dramatic moments sprinkled throughout the episodes.

Where You Can Watch It: Crunchyroll

Tonari no Seki-kun

Genre: Comedy

Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Yokoi tries to focus on studying in class, but she is constantly being distracted by her neighbor Seki, who always seems to be playing with something on his desk. Yokoi's imagination runs wild as she becomes engrossed with what unfolds at Seki's desk.


Watch If: You like Calvin & Hobbes. Seki-kun primarily features Seki doing rather mundane things at his desk, it is Yokoi's wild imagination that really brings things to life, much like Watterson's famed pair.

Avoid If: You like conversations. Yokoi does almost the entirety of the talking in this show. Also if you like lengthy shows. Tonari no Seki-kun is a short series, with each episode averaging at between 7 to 8 minutes in length.

Where You Can Watch It: Crunchyroll

Witch Craft Works

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Takamiya is a regular student whose only problem seems to be that he sits next to Kagari, the school's "Princess". They have never spoken to each other before and any small interaction between them immediately results in her fanclub beating him. Yet when a falling part of the school's building is about to send him to the afterlife, it's Kagari that comes to his rescue. Only she's dressed as a witch, carrying him in her arms and floating on a broom. Kagari tells him it is her mission to protect him and that now she can finally protect him openly rather than undercover.


Watch If: You love role reversals. Takamiya, the male main character, is the damsel in distress in this series. The over-powered badass is Kagari, his female body guard. Also if you love gorgeous animation. Witch Craft Works is, in my opinion, the prettiest new anime this season with a lot of vibrant colors on display. Also if you love addicting ending themes, as Witch Craft Works has quite possibly the best ending theme to appear in recent anime.

Avoid If: You dislike anime tropes. Witch Craft Works uses a lot of them. Granted it flips nearly all of them on their head, but anyone who groans at the sight of anime tropes, regardless of how they are used, should avoid.

Where You Can Watch It: Crunchyroll

World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Asuta is a middle school student who runs away from home. Whilst roaming the streets at night, he encounters a little girl named Kate. It turns out that Kate is the leader of a villainous organization named Zvezda that aims to conquer the world. Kate recruits Asuta as the latest member and now he has to juggle his life as a middle schooler and as a villain, all while combating a heroic organization called White Light.


Watch If: You like Grim & Evil and Evil Con Carne. Much like these short lived cartoons, Zvezda Plot focuses on a group of "villains" that consists of a range of varied and crazy characters.

Avoid If: You like consistent focus. Each episode has its own focus, and thus its own tone. One episode has Zvezda trying to stamp out all smoking while another is an homage to classic dungeon crawling RPGs.

Where You Can Watch It: Crunchyroll

And those are my picks for additional anime series to watch this season. Thanks for reading, and I hope my suggestions help some of you!