The snow has finally departed from the sleepy city of Indianapolis and you know what that means. Spring is almost here! Also the yearly return of Brick World, the second most popular event featuring the word "Brick" to grace the circle city. Though the area wasn't exactly enormous (Gen Con this is not) there was still much to see, do and buy. Here are some of the highlights.

No way! Hyrule's very own Castle Town!? Not for sale sadly.

A look at the Temple of Time.

A somewhat derpy Zelda. Better than I could do though...

Link also has an interesting look going on.

I want to rock and roll all night and build LEGOs every day. *guitar solo*

A wonderful grumpy cat. All that comic sans is part of the joke too, right? Guys?

Iron Mega Man and Space Ghost Batman

Looks like comic sans is all over this place...

Avenger heads assemble!

Just despicable.

Some Yoshi and MLP love. No Twilight Sparkle?! What the heck...

Welcome to Middle Earth.

Smaug in all his fiery glory.

Stupid Flanders.

Moes Tavern - home of the worlds largest small screen television.

Timey Wimey mini-figs.

The Dark Tower is really... dark.

Wall-E and R2D2 roboting it up.

A very large LEGO building. Middle aged man for scale (I couldn't find a banana)

An underwater utopia featuring Spongebob and everything else that can be underwater. Even Ninja Turtles for some reason.

Classic ships from LEGO past.

Those are some sweet waves.

The best thing to come out of Detroit since... uh...

At first I thought these guys were $75 a pop. Then I realized it was for the whole series and I was slightly less mortified.

My favorite find of the day, a relay runner from an Olympic mini-figure set. As a track coach it was a must have!

Three gaming characters I cobbled together. I'm sorry they're not better. See if you can guess who they are!

And finally, the key holder my wife and I made with some spare bricks we picked up. Pretty snazzy, eh?