I’ve been up since 4:15am EST when the final fanfest for the new expansion Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood kicked off. As my alarm blared at me and I struggled to get the Cleeng stream to load my excitement for the coming announcements was clear. Hype train incoming for the next stage of this awesome MMO experience. I’m going to cover a few things but you can find an in depth coverage on Nova Crystallis.

So let’s start here with the trailer:

Enjoyed that? Okay lets jump right on in.

New Jobs

There was a tweet that was deleted after the Japan Fan Fest that hinted at only two jobs being announced for the expansion. We got our confirmation as Yoshi P delivered the opening key note. Samurai, a melee dps, was going to be the second job for the expansion and it was to be the last. The reason for the choice is that data showed players who played a tank or healer as their main class pre-Heavensward kept those jobs and new players didn’t flock to the roles. Mind you, there is plenty of salt flowing about this matter on r/ffxiv but I personally don’t care.

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

While there were viable theories for how Samurai could work as a tank, Yoshi P has wanted it to be a dps from the start. Yoshi also mentioned that he wanted to balance the 3 tanks and healer jobs, 6 in total, that we currently have to make them feel more unique and better to play. He mentioned Paladin specifically needing some love and I am personally in favor of balancing them before adding more roles. There are concerns over the incoming que times in the aftermath of adding the Ninja job mid expansion in 2.xx but we will have to wait and see.

See the job in action here.

Just like Red Mage before it, Samurai will be available in the starting ARR areas for players at level 50. While it is not stated implicitly, players will probably need to own the new expansion in order to access these jobs. If anything different comes out I will update this post.

New Locales and Story Hints

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from FFXIV reddit

The biggest surprise to me was the expansion of the map. Players already knew from the other fanfests that we would be working to liberate Ala Migho. What we didn’t know was that we are going on a liberation spree and liberating Doma as well from Garlean rule. That means that we would be leaving the continent we are currently on and going over to Orthard to fight the bad guys. If you completed the 2.xx series you know that one of the characters, Yugiri, has fled her homeland due to these issues and has been helping us with our covert operations. Now is the time to return the favor.

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

We will also travel to the new player city named Kugane. In the lore, it is primarily in isolation and does not deal with many outsiders so how all the warriors of light manage to get a ticket in will be worth discovering. This city is a port town so that further highlights the swimming and diving aspects revealed in the previous fan fests. I wouldn’t be surprised if ships and pirates play an active role as well.

You can find the video showcasing more shots here.

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

Last expansion we were introduced to the new playable race the Au’Ra. Despite their introduction we still did not see too many NPCs of them and now we now why. The Encyclopedia Eorzea let players know that there are several nomadic tribes of the Au’Ri and this is where they reside. The Azim Steppe is a sprawling area with lots of fields and many tribes to discover so I can’t wait.

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

The next area was Yanxia but Yoshi didn’t state too many lore details about this region except for this is where Doma is located.

New Beast Tribe and Primal

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

Two seems to be the magic number as it seems we are only getting two beast tribe so far this expansion. This new tribe is named the Kojin and they reside in The Red Sea. The trailer shows us an under sea village so maybe that was theirs? Time will tell.

Each beast tribe has a primal they worship so this one is no different. Meet Susano, The Lord of Revel. He is the second original primal to the FF14 franchise and like Ravana he looks to be a good time. Unlike the other primal Lakshimi who is peaceful he doesn’t look like he wants to make friends. We can only imagine what this encounter will entail.

Dungeon Preview

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

Yoshi shared some screen shots and a video of the new and unnamed dungeon. All he said was that it looks like a ship grave yard and left it at that. Yoshi is so bad with “hints” so that is probably what it is. Yoshi states there are more dungeons to come and to “please look forward to it”. You can see a preview for the dungeon here.

New Residential Area

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/a/X5xZD from r/ffxiv

The last big pieces of news came via the residential districts. Most players thought that the next housing area would be in the wintry embrace of Ishagard but we were mistaken. Instead the housing is in an Orthard area called Shirogane. Yoshi mentioned that players wanted an area with a far eastern theme and it doesn’t get any more east than this.


Yoshi also had another surprise in store for housing enthusiasts. Not only would the item limit for housing items be increased but full FCs will be able to move their whole company without sacrificing everything they worked on. We aren’t exactly sure what that entails yet but if that means that I can upgrade my FC housing without kicking inactive members sign me up.

You can find the video for the district here.

That About Wraps it Up

And with that Day 1 of the fanfest came to a close and we are left to prepare to get hype for the next few months. Stormblood is available for preorder for all platforms and will grant early adopters early access. The game is set to release on June 20th, 2017 with early access starting on June 13th, 2017. If you’re curious about the world or waiting to rejoin now is a great time to get lost in Eorzea.

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