You've seen him around! he's the pelican guy that floods your inboxes with countless letters from your neighbros, your fictional parents, the Happy Home Association, and many others.

He makes your life easier, but in reality he doesn't

What lies behind that winged skull of his? What are his thoughts? Does he ever take a break?


As a member of TAY Associated Press, I decided to interview him on behalf of my coworkers.


Montnoir, Jul 01, 2013. 9:01AM


Nach: So Peter how does it feel working for the Montnoir Post Office?

Pete: Oh Mayor Nach! Call me Pete, didn't expect someone as respected and admirable like you would be talking to me! It's such a honor to talk to the sole responsible of making Montnoir the best town ever!


Nach: Hey Pete don't fret! I'm just here to ask you a few questions for the good people at TAY, as I was saying, Do you like working at the post office in our beautiful town of Montnoir?


Pete: Oh, yes sir! I do! It's such a great place, but do you mind if I ask you one little question before we continue?

Nach: Pete, I-... I don't have much time here, I have to inaugurate the new Wind Turbine and start the planning of our next Project in support of our local artists, but... I guess I could answer that question... only if you keep it brief!

Pete: Oh Great Nach! Do not worry this will only take a moment!

Nach: Yeah I've met them, why do you ask?

Pete: Oh it’s nothing, it’s just that...

Nach: Come on Pete, spill the beans!

Nach: I don’t know Pete, I’m not into pelicans, I’m a human you know that, right?

Pete: That’s why I said it might be a little weird...

Nach: OK, if you insist... I would say it’s Pelly, she at least treats me well, unlike Phyllis...

Nach: Yep...

Nach: Yeah, that's what I've heard... (I was starting to get annoyed, and it was getting late)

(I realized that my original story was not going the way I wanted to, but decided to take a chance and gather more information about Pete's love interest)

Nach: Yeah? How come? What do you like most about her?

Pete: Like I told you she's a bit harsh, but I guess that's her way... You know what else I love about her?

Nach: No, my Pelican friend, do tell me, please...

Nach: And what do you think about that?

Nach: Is that so? Cause I've heard a different story, so are you going to meet up with her later today?

Pete: I better get home first and change my clothes...

Pete: I don't want to give her the impression I'm a careless guy...


So there ya go guys! That's my story about Pete the Mailman, be sure to tune in next time when I will have some juicy gossip about other residents from the New Leaf universe!

Until then, I bid Adieu!


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