Amiibos, Nintendo's answer to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, will be hitting store shelves in less than a month. We've seen a few dozen of the fan favorite figures since they were unveiled at E3 and while their actual usefulness is questionable, they've always looked like top-of-the-line models.

That mentality shifted this week when Nintendo revealed a video and some screen shots of the final retail versions of the first Amiibo wave. Gone were the clear plastic stands and hand cut details of the figures we had seen up until this point. The most notorious (and most widely noted) figure was that of Link, who has been nicknamed "Butter Link" and "Piss Link".

The original Link Amiibo (which can be seen below), has a bit more detail, a clear stand piece and a different head position. His sword is also a bit less... flaccid. The yellow (or is it golden?) stand has been added and has garnered the nicknames I mentioned above. It's obvious that Nintendo has cut back on the quality of our favorite Hyrule hero, and it has some questioning the Amiibo line as a whole.

Next on the list of "this isn't what you showed me!" is Peach.

As you can see the original is much more detailed, with Peach's dress accents actually carved into the figure, as opposed to being a thin layer of paint. Overall, just like Link, the quality has dropped. And why the long face Princess?

Next, we have Marth, who is sporting a "weird face" and a "limp sword".

Lastly there's Wii Fit Trainer whose foot has been encased in what appears to be a block of ice.

Less details, worse paint jobs and awkward stands seem to be the crux of the online hate, but many are still planning to buy the figures. Not every character looks bad, but it's plain to see that the quality in all the figures has dropped considerably from their E3/PAX prototypes. Will these be the final versions? Only time will tell, but you may want to hold off on that pre-order just in case. All I know is that Donkey Kong still looks fine.