You’ve no doubt read at least a little bit about the recent passing of former Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi. To honor his contributions to the video game industry, I thought this week it would be fun to look at some of the more curious non-video game creations that came from Nintendo over the years. (No, not love hotels. You can read about that odd chapter in Nintendo’s history elsewhere.)

To learn more about all things Nintendo in the pre-Famicom era, I highly recommend the website Before Mario, which was the primary source for most of the information in this post. Warning: you may spend a lot of time there!

Long before the Roomba, there was the Chiritorie, an early device designed by legendary engineer and Game Boy creator Gunpei Yukoi. Advertised as a remote-controlled vacuum cleaner, this tiny toy was really more of an R.C. vehicle that happened to pick up a little bit of dirt and dust while in use. Given its small size, weak engine and battery consumption, it is probably just slightly more effective at housecleaning than using a Wii U controller for the same purpose. Hey-ooo! It was also featured in the Wii game WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase.


Or not.


For more interesting Nintendo novelties, I again recommend Before Mario. Here’s a great starting point.