Well thanks to a new (old?) friend, I once again have started listening to the OST and drifted back to my fond memories of playing Persona 4 at the beginning of of 2013 on the brand-new PlayStation 2 I ordered~ Wait. That was practically over a year and a half ago?! But it feels like it's been years since I sat down in my room with an old tiny CRT and popped this game in... Heck, it's only been a year since I've actually started listening to music (mostly Alt Rock/Britpop) and that feels so long ago. Strange things that something that touches your heart can do to your perception of time...

What about you guys? Have you ever played/watched something so good that you quickly became nostalgic about? No? How about just anything you have strong feelings for all these years later then? Let me know down below! ^^


Now if you need me, I'll be sadly singing along with Heaven from Nanako's dungeon~