About a month ago I discovered that I get the Anime Channel on demand. I don't get the actual channel, but the on demand part. I won't ask why, because it's a gift, so I'll just enjoy it while I can.

The first thing I watched were the last few episodes of Kids on the Slope. Since then I've started 3 other series. So let's talk about them.


Episodes Watched: 7

Basically Btoom! is Battle Royale with bombs. Btoom! starts out as a video game, but somehow these people end up in a real life game of it: stranded on a deserted island and they have to kill each other (with different kinds of bombs) to get off of it. The differences from Battle Royal start there. See those green gems embedded in their hands? Those are the tickets off the island. You need 8 (including your own) to get out of the game. Also, there are all types and ages of people sent to play. Why are they there? Who's behind all this? Will people inevitably join up to try to break the system? Watch and find out!


I love Battle Royale! And both the manga and the movie. (Probably the manga a little more because it gave so much more information and backstories on all the students.) So the premise of Btoom! is something I went into knowing I would like. The main character, Sakamoto (that strapping boy in black up there), is an evolving character. He's one of the top players in the video game, but starts off being the "I can't kill anyone" scared-type of person. Let's just say he becomes more than that one dimensional character the more the game is played and you find out about him.


I really only have one dislike so far and that's the female lead, Himiko. She is everything wrong with anime girls. She has unrealistic proportions. Every male wants to rape her. She hates men, but will of course, fall for Sakamoto. At times I've wanted to stop watching because of her. The fan service shots of her, while I'm feeling bad that everyone is out to get her, really leave a disconnect in the anime. *Spoilers* In the last episode I watched, I was almost glad people were trying to torture her, instead of raping her. *End Spoilers*


If you like Battle Royale (especially the manga, with all the added sex scenes), then you probably would like Btoom! If fan service and the threat of a rape scene every episode isn't something you can handle, skip it. I have another you can try!


Episodes Watched: 5

How to explain Another? It's almost impossible because after 5 episodes I've barely scratched the surface of this horror/supernatural/mystery anime. It starts out with Sasakibara, the lead male, in the hospital. He's moved to a small town from Tokyo. He's almost ready to leave the hospital, from some unknown illness, when his aunt starts warning him about the class he will be enrolled in, Class 3-3. Apparently the most important thing about his class is to always follow the rules of the class...without question. That day he meets Mei Misaki (the eye patch wearing girl) as well. From there, it goes from strange to stranger.


I really like anime that leaves you questioning what's going on. And this one doesn't disappoint there. I have no idea what's going on and I can't wait to watch the next week's episode once the Anime Channel posts it.


It's slow paced. I'm not sure I care about that, but it's the common complaint you hear.

Go watch it! Let me know your theories. That is all!

Girls Und Panzer

Episodes Watched: 8

I don't know why I like this, but I'm addicted. See those cute girls? They will destroy you in a tank. And that's the basis of the show. In the world of Girls Und Panzer, driving tanks is what makes girls women. Yet another thing I don't understand, but it turns out not to matter. The girls themselves are all pretty typical. There is the one that wants to be involved with the Tank Club, because she wants to be the girl all the guys like. There is the one that is just following her friends. The one that is obsessed with tanks. The one that has to be involved in the club to pass the grade she's in. And then there is Miho.

This is Miho.

This unassuming girl comes from a family that has their own tank school. After something happens to her, she leaves her family and joins a school that doesn't have a tank program. And then they start one. And then she gets conned into joining. And then she is made commander. Typical story.

But I don't care about the girls as much as I've fallen in love with the tanks.

The tank specs for the club...and one extra that would be venturing into spoiler territory. Can anyone read that?

All the tanks are based on real ones, with real dimensions and speeds and guns. They even take time in multiple episodes to highlight different statistics of each one.


TANKS AND TANK BATTLES! The girls are finally becoming more than stereotypes. And while I appreciate it, really people, this is about the tanks. A flimsy premise to put cute girls in tanks, but I'm addicted. Also, very little fan service, which is a nice cleanser after watching Btoom!


Episode 6 was nothing but a review of the first 5. I have no idea why, but you can skip it.


If you like tanks or cute girls or both, watch it. Or don't. I still have no idea why I can't stop watching. It's so addicting.

So have you seen these? Are you fixated on Girls Und Panzer? Another keeping you up at night? Or dreaming about killing others with bombs? Let me know!

And head over to TAYClassic and talk about anything you want! We're all tank! Tank? Ears! We're all ears!