With all the talk of YouTube changing their algorithms in ways that don’t favor smaller channels, I felt compelled to share some of my favorite content creators and streamers. I’m going mention that I don’t know any of these creators or streamers personally, they did not ask me to write anything up and I am most definitely not getting paid to share my favorites. This list is in no particular order and contains creators that make content on things I personally like. Fair warning, some Vita channels will be on this list (Long Live Vita Island!).

  1. Gadget Girl Kylie (GGK)

Platform: YouTube

Stream Platform: Youtube Gaming

I found GGK when I was looking up videos for the Vita game Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines. The title was obscure so I was not expecting to find anyone with a video on it but there she was in her red haired, European glory. She focuses a lot on Vita, PS4 and 3DS game as well as RPGs. She is currently playing through The Last Guardian and SAO: Hollow Realization. If you like console gaming, RPGs, some weeabo and some lewd, GGK is the girl for you.

2. The Black Hokage (TBH, Formally known as Modern War Negro)

Platform: Youtube

Stream Platform: Twitch

I found TBH when I was in college so I can’t exactly tell you what I was looking for when I found his channel. He was one of the few African American YouTubers I found that actually talked about games and had a decent following. His channel consists of game reviews, play throughs and reviews of gaming equipment. A lot of his content has a comedy spin which makes his channel a joy to watch after a hard day. He plays primarily on PC but has all the other platforms as his channel has grown. He has also stretched his wings to assist other African American Streamers and Youtubers grow their brand by collaborating to create the Gaming Illuminaughty.

3. Gaming Illuminaughty (GI)

Platform: Youtube

Streaming Platform: Various GI Members on Twitch

Speaking of that, this channel is the fruit of the collaborators efforts. There are several streamers/content creators that are apart of this company. There are too many to name so I’m just going to leave this here for you to explore if you so choose. GI has a podcast that they release on a monthly basis 90% of the time. They focus on games, rants, anime reviews, music for new artists as well as mainstream artists, etc. You will find whatever you like with all the members so take a look around.

4. Blue Maxima

Platform: Youtube

Stream Platform: None

Blue Maxima is another European Vita player. His channel focuses exculsively on Vita games. He does weekly Vita release updates, imports games from other regions and has impressions on the Vita versions of multi platform games. If you’re a Vita lover then he is a channel to watch.

5. MTQ Capture

Platform: Youtube

Stream Platform: Twitch

MTQ (pronounced Mizzteq) is a content creator for dungeons and raids in the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 (FF14). She is a part of the same company as Mr. Happy, a well known FF14 content creator. If you want a different perspective of some of the raids then she is the next best person to consult. She has a bunch of silly puns which makes her channel fun to watch.

6. Gaming Ethos

Platform: Youtube

Streaming Platform: Twitch

Ethos is one of the GI members but I wanted to highlight him separately. In contrast to TBH, Ethos is a game developer so he has a different perspective on a lot of the games out. He also gives a more introspective look into a lot of issues that have come up in the gaming and content space over the last few months. When I want some food for thought I get a plate full watching his channel.


And these are my six favorite people that I wanted to show a bit of love to. I have tried to include their channel links in the article but they should be easily searchable at the names given. They also have other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but they can be found on their pages.

Who are some of your favorite content creators and how have they fared during the Youtube fiasco? Share some in the comments below. I can maybe find a new thing to get lost in when I’m dungeon grinding in FF14.

Until Next Time,