Welcome everyone to a new session of the photo club of TAY and O-Deck, aka PhO-TAYgraphy Club, today's theme is Nature.

When I think of nature, I think of the world that is right outside our window, it is a simple and broad theme, that even in a urban area like NYC can be encountered, like the river like flow of streets, or the ever changing rhythm through the course of the day, colors, patterns, sounds, everything is natural if perceived in a particular manner.

Animals, plants and bugs are some of the few subcategories in this theme, each one has their advantages and disadvantages, for example taking pictures at plants is quite easy, but making it stand out takes a keen eye; wild animals get startled too easily so being sneaky is the best approach, and bugs well they are so small that we normally don't notice their existence.

What I like about this theme is that you can venture yourself to capture these moments, I've always been in harmony with nature, being a city boy I've always been in awe whenever I see a lush green field, or a vast wasteland, a forest is a place of infinite opportunities and the sea is a place where anything is possible. And that's what I did for this theme, woke up early, tossed my wares inside my bag and headed out to catch some Poké.... errmm some pictures! here's my tail [sic]...

Then I found this other flower, with vibrant colors, it was gorgeous, but I needed more...

Enter the birds! There was this stork-like winged friend on the other side of the lake, I lured it to get closer to me, and captured its stoic pose.


I was quite satisfied with the pictures I took and was ready to head back home since the heat was taking the best out of me (not to mention the thunders were becoming louder and louder!), but as I was putting back my equipment into the bag and saying goodbye to my feathery fella, I hear the rustling of something moving in the grass behind me... could it be? Nah, it was just a twig that fell from the trees.

SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! three more pictures!


Some action shots here, a still picture there, even a posed one!

Whenever they lost the awareness of my presence I crunched some leafs to get them looking my way.

This lil' fella was scared to death, I'm sorry!

After 2 hours in the sun, I could say I emerged victorious, now to challenge the Pokémon Gym! It was an amazing experience, and no matter how dirty from crawling in the grass I was, it was worth it!

So tell me about your experiences, how did you guys fared in your adventures? I'm eager to see those beautiful pictures, so comment in the section below and start telling your tales and sharing those photos!

But that wasn't the only adventuring I did that day...