If you haven't got enough fill of the killing game, despair not, Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will hopefully alleviate that itch. Danganronpa 2, the sequel to one of the highest rated Vita game Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, takes place after the events of the first game.

Similar to the first game, the story follows a group of students from Hope's Peak Academy who find themselves trap on an island with no way to escape. What starts out as a relaxing trip to a resort island quickly turns dangerous as Monokuma returns to bring despair.


It is strongly recommended that you finish Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc before start playing Danganronpa 2. There are major spoilers for the first game within the prologue and throughout the game. So if you haven't played the first one, STOP, read the review for the first game. see if it's for you. If it sounds like your kind of game, play it, finish it, and then proceed with the second game. Alternatively, you can watch the anime for the first game. I don't recommend it as it skims over a lot of the details and wikified the whole story.

Also, there are strong languages in this game, so keep the game away from the little ones even if the blood is depicted in an artistic neon matter.


If you enjoy the story from the first game, you will likely enjoy the story in this game. Although the taste of despair is still there, it's slightly offset by the bright and relaxing scenery of an island resort. The story is a little more goofier than the first. However, it's always a nice day to kill at Jabberwock Island.


Personally, I love the first cast as a whole a bit more. That's not to say I haven't found favorites amongst the new cast. Like the first game, you learn more about each character through interaction during Free Time. And like the first game, one of the best part of the game is growing attach to certain characters in hope they're not next before you really get to know them.


The gameplay is improve from the first game. You no longer wander around by first person point of view, but rather a mix between side scrolling and first person depending on the area. You're no longer lock to a single perspective.


There are some new minigames in the class trial such as logic dive where you're on a futuristic board gliding through a futuristic like tunnel while jumping gaps, dodging objects, and answering questions. Also, the comic book closing argument has improved and you no longer have to squint to figure out the icons.

Overall, the improvements are welcome and certainly makes the game less frustrating as the first game. Take that DESPAIR!

The Cases

Unlike the first game, the cases are a bit more challenging than the first. I found myself believing it may be one person but it turns out to be another. The MO are more creative compare to the first game and harder to figure out.


The first extra is a mini game where you play as Usami. I won't spoil what happens in it but it's a fun mini-game.

There are two bonuses after the end of the game, Dangan Island and DanganRonpa IF.

Dangan Island is a what-if scenario if the killing games didn't happen. If you play the first game, you're already familiar with this mode, where you simply interact with characters while trying to complete your task to build the requested items.


DanganRonpa IF is a mini light novel on a what-if scenario for the first game. It's an enjoyable read.


I won't say I know Japanese but watching enough anime and playing enough game with Japanese dub, there are some key-phrases that players can easily pick up. There is a disconnect between the Japanese dubbing and the translation. The most glaring disconnect is the honorific and that takes away the level of closeness between/respect towards characters. It won't ruin the experience, but it certainly could have been a lot better.


The Soundtrack itself is very similar to the first game if not the same. I was hoping for something new and refreshing.

Controls During Class Trial

Like the first game, the controls during class trials are not perfect. Sometimes, the touching just doesn't seem to react or react poorly. But overall, it's playable.

If you enjoy the first game, definitely pick up the second one. If you haven't play the first, go buy it/steal it (don't do this)/borrow it and play the game. Then play Danganronpa 2.

Can't decided? Read the TAY Review for the Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, and the TAY Micro Review.