Yo, TAY! Here’s the second Random Review, featuring Alpacasso!


Look at those things. LOOK AT THEM. Screw your teddy bears, sheep, penguins, pokemon, etc. plushies, THIS IS THE BEST OF THEM ALL. A not-so-well-known animal naturally found in the Andes Mountain range, Alpacas are often confused with llamas, which pale in comparison to the sheer cuteness of the alpaca. Who knows why the Japanese started making them? But in any case, it was a good choice.

Amuse Alpacas

Meet Mr. Fluffles, yes, you need to add the Mister in front, or you’ll end up gored on his impeccably placed hat.

Mr. Fluffles, made by Amuse, is the bigger of the two I own, and is very, very fluffy. He also has an amazing fashion sense, look at the slightly tilted hat and the bowtie. He’s incredibly nice to cuddle with, being very soft and large enough to hug properly.


He isn’t cheap, though. Mr. Fluffles ate RM120 out of my wallet, which is equivalent to about 32 USD. Not cheap. This particular line is also pretty hard to find, at least from what I hear.

TST Advance Inc. Alpacas

Lamington (guess where the name came from), my second alpaca, was made by TST Advance Inc, which isn’t very well-known, at least not as much as Amuse.

He’s smaller, and less cuddly, being a bit on the hard side, which is definitely bad. Oh, he’s not a rock, but when compared to Mr. Fluffles, he may as well be one. His fur which is shorter, seems to catch more dust than Mr. Fluffles’ fur. This is bad for me, since I’m allergic to dust, and as such, he often gets put on the shelf.

Definitely get your Alpacasso from Amuse, as they have a wider selection of Alpacasso, in various sizes!

Yes, this ‘review’ was mostly just an excuse to put pictures of my Alpacas on TAY. Please also upload some pictures of your Alpacas in the comments!

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If you’re wondering what the difference between a Random Review and a ‘normal’ TAY review is, just know that these Random Reviews are meant to be more comedic, however they may also be serious, depending on what I’m currently feeling.


E.g. for this one, I had been playing with my Alpacas just now, and felt like doing a stupid ‘review’, so this is what it ended up as :P

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