A couple weeks ago Atlus released some adorkable Valentines Day cards that would be sure to steal the heart of any Phantom Thief. I’m personally a sucker for these themed offerings from video game companies and Atlus has a nack for them. So as such I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the best (and worst) of Atlus Persona 5 Valentines Day cards.

#8 Ryuji ZOMG Card: I want to like this one I really do however something is just lacking in the whole thing. Not only is ZOMG so 2014, but Ryuji just doesn’t scream special someone. Perhaps its just personal taste but this yellow and red monstrosity just doesn’t tickle my heart strings.

#7 Protagonist Heart Thief Card: Perhaps its the fact I’ve already used this pun and I’m annoyed I can’t really use it again. Or the fact it feels like a corny pickup line however something just doesn’t really work with this card. Also is it just me or does the Protagonist’s look really not match the card?

#6 Ann Perfect Crime Card: Ya... I think giving out this card to somebody would send out the wrong idea. Not only does Ann’s outfit look like she came from a bondage cosplay convention (no judgement) but its a little weird Atlus is assuming this is going to a women. I don’t know if it’s wise to give your Valentines a card with another women on it...

#5 Makoto “Confidant” Card: Another card that sends a strong message of love and... pain. I got to say somebody on Atlus has some seriously weird tastes here. That said with the 50 Shades phenomenon still going strong who are we to judge.

#4 Protagonist Phantom-Pun Card: Now we’re getting to the good stuff, puns and lots of em. I’m a sucker for classic black and white and added with the awesome power of a pun how can you not just enjoy this card. Any lady would be lucky to get this Valentines from their special somebody.

#3 Futaba Sakura Coding Card: Who needs X’s and O’s when you have ones and zeroes?

#2 Morgana Mascot Card: I cho-cho-choose this card for the second spot just because its the one card that kind of reminds me of children’s Valentines Day cards from grade school. That said if I had a card like this physically no way I’m giving it out, too much awesome.

#1 Protagonist Valentines Day Card: Simple and too the point with an awesome design of Persona 5s protagonist. It’s also got a basic charm that the others don’t quite seem to get. As such it’s the best of the Eight. Also have a great day today TAY even if you don’t have a Valentines!