Time again for another short anime review!

To kick off, let's go right into who I think would enjoy it.

If you like laid back, comedy/adventure/romance anime like I do, you will definitely enjoy this. :)
The main plot point of the show is about waging "war" between countries.
The thing is.. nobody dies, or gets hurt.
Instead, when defeated, they turn into these...

[Review] Dog Days Season 1
...adorable little cat/dog/bunny poof-ball things.
It's pretty great visually, and even the "background fighter" characters are cute.
Though cheaply drawn, they reminded me a lot of Fire Emblem character icons.. pretty awesome.

So, anyone looking for an overdose on cute characters, (so long as you like cat/dog/bunny ears) this is for you.

[Review] Dog Days Season 1
Come on.. you know it's cute. ;)


On to the actual story/plot.. (I'll save the romance for last.)

The main guy is summoned as a hero to help win some battles.
The battles and war actually have meaning.. and it'll get more into it as it goes.
There's a cool sort-of rivalry going on.. and something darker going on behind the scenes that drives the plot forward.
It's actually very well done (especially for your usual cutesy, adventure story), and I liked it quite a bit.


On to the romance aspect!

[Review] Dog Days Season 1

The main characters, are Princess Millhiore, and Cinque Izumi.
As always, I'm a sap for cutesy stories, and this doesn't disappoint. :)
They are very cute together, going on early morning walks, playing frisbee.. and a couple absolutely adorable petting scenes.
(Ya.. that sounds weird.. w/e.. it's cute. :P haha)

One last thing worth mentioning, is the transport they have.
They ride adorable Chocobo-ish things.. yup! Now you pretty much have to see it. :)

[Review] Dog Days Season 1

So in the end, it's a fun show.
A great shonen/fantasy/adventure with just enough style and story to keep you interested the whole time.
There is a second season already out, and while I have yet to watch it, I'll review it later on... probably. :)

So until then.. let me know if you're interested in it!
Look boring to you?
Think you'll like it, but want to know something else?
I'd be glad to discuss/answer anything in the comments. :)

The 1st and 2nd season are available on Crunchyroll for streaming.

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