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It comes as a surprise to think about how long Skyrim has been out. It’s one of those games that has maintained a ridiculous following years after its release, with new players continuing to jump in on the adventure. However, the fact remains that even the best of games gets tired after a time. Many gamers have played Skyrim to death, despite its huge amount of content. The most obvious solution to refreshing the experience of playing Skyrim is to download some mods, but here I offer an alternative. Below are some links to articles by a truly fantastic author who has a great trove of knowledge regarding role-playing. With Skyrim’s Legendary Edition now available, I would say it’s an excellent time to start replaying one of the best open-world games out there, albeit in a new way. Or, if you have never played Skyrim before, this is just a great way to get started in a unique Skyrim experience. The author of the HubPages articles below, j-u-i-c-e, lays out simple role-playing ideas to use with Skyrim. Nothing super hardcore (although you can make it that way), just guidelines to create a new way of playing an already brilliant game. j-u-i-c-e also has some tutorials for various Skyrim mods, and some really excellent articles on RPG's in general. Make sure to check eveything out!

How to Build Interesting Characters in Skyrim

Ten Rules to Better Role-Playing in Skyrim

If you follow his suggestions, you will probably end up making a character sheet. I made one using his guidelines, so if anyone reading this would like to see it, I can post it as well.