Well the goodies just keep on unlocking but I promise this is the last chapter on this segment... well, until "Shiryus Smashing Adventure in HD" at least! A curious suit that reminds me of "All you need is kill" and for the first time ever, I picked up a blade...

That one time I met Mii... TIME PARADOX!

Dance off! Shiryu B-boying!

Get off me, you perv! I'm flattered but I like women only!

Mecha grace.

Help me you idiots! I'm being abducted by aliens!

Mecha grace with a smile.

Shiryu kick!

How is that bowel movement now, Wario?

You got boot* powa! (*not a missprint)

All you need is kill!

Mechanized Tiger Knee!

Package check... Checked!


This... is... SPARTAAA!

Straight to the point.

The Hero of Time nearly ran out of it.

Fly away, Fairy Boy!

Oh crap, I think Ike is broken. Mah! MAH! Ike's borked again!

By the Power of Greyskull...


Death from above!

Bringing guns to a sword fight. Oh and Shulk is sneaking up behind me.

Falling harder than the Moon in Majora's Mask.

Rocket Belt Powered Upper Slash!

Well that's all of them, hope you enjoy my Mii antics during the past week. Remember I want to see yours, so hitthose comments belowwith your 3DS/2DS screen captures!

There is no Power without the control harness it.