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Among my first posts before launching Pokemon One a Day were character fan art of potential fighters that could join the Smash Bros. 4 roster. I've decided to pull them down and repost them in due time to give the characters a proper write up and to let today's feature, Ridley, lead the way for this series since he was the first character I drew up as part of my wishlist.


I guess first I should do a proper shout out to GiantBoyDetective, who actually helped shed some light my way, in two ways.

First off, he was the one who actually saw the initial art posts and encouraged me to continue, and secondly, he began writing his Challenger Approaching articles that were (and still are!) being featured on Kotaku.

I had already been wanting to do something similar, but in art form for quite some time, even pre-Brawl release. I missed my chance during the hype build up for Brawl, where I wanted to join the IGN Smash Boards that I frequented as a lurker and share art there. Nothing really happened, and fast forward to today, and now I'm finally drawing stuff pertaining to a series that is very dear to me!

After reading GBD's stuff, I contacted my buddy Andy (GeneticDestiny on Tumblr/DeviantART, and not a member of TAY/Kotaku unfortunately) and asked if he wanted to do a Smash Bros. collaboration. The thing about artists is that we're always looking to do collaborations, and play off of each other's strengths...Or at least that's what I believe. Andy, being an avid Smash fan was happy to team up. As for this Ridley fan art, this was actually done by myself. It was starting with the next character (hint: he's kin to a certain plumber's nemesis) that we began to collaborate.

All that said, I don't want to come off as if I'm biting off GBD's concept and work with Challenger Approaching. Think of this as an unofficial sister project!
And without further delay, my art:

I figured I'd share this art with you (originally posted to my DeviantART on July 21st, 2013) because I found out today it received third prize in a contest that was held on DeviantART by the group "Nintyfans". Second and First place winners were very deserving and can be found here:

Toon Zelda/Tetra :…


Really awesome stuff, check them out!

So anyway, Nintyfans challenged their group members to draw up fan art of characters they'd like to see in the new game. Ridley had been a character I'd been hoping for to appear in Brawl as a playable character, and being at the top of many character polls both in the U.S and Japan, I decided to take on the space pirate for the contest.

I explored a rather distinct art style for the creation of this work, which was heavily contrasted to the very clean look I developed for a series of Pokemon Fusion art (you know those are gonna be posted on here sooner or later! XD) I began working on when the trend grew to the extent that Kotaku even covered it with an article.

I drew up the linework for Ridley but felt that coloring him in a traditional manner (flat/cel shaded) was boring and would not provide any sort of "oomph" that I wanted Ridley to carry in presentation. I built up the colors layer by layer and refined a general mess of my application of colors (the piece is very tonal so just purples in darker and lighter shades) until this was born.

Eventually I had the work critiqued by some friends and one of them suggested to add the whole "splash" element that the Smash Bros 4. trailer featured. You know, this bit:

I played around with some lines but felt that the tagline "is tired of waiting" was both comical but held some truth to it so I threw that in before calling it a day.

And that is how this Ridley fan art was born! GBD got me hyped to start up the series, and Nintyfans provided me an opportunity to actually get my foot in through the door (love me some competition!).

My personal thought about Ridley's inclusion to the series is that yes, he should most definitely have a chance to shine. The Metroid series needs more representation, and Smash as a franchise should introduce more villains (and female characters, for that matter!) that gave the opportunity to their hero counterparts a chance to shine in their respective franchises.

Lastly, I don't want to hear about the whole size issue because its been argued to death and back. All I have to say, or rather show you, are the following images:

And that wraps it up! Thanks for reading!



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