Hello everyone and welcome to SnackTAYku International Vs edition. As you can see, Zarnyx has also written a SnackTAYku on Dim Sum so you should check that out too if you haven't already.

The place I went to was called Umi Kaiseki. I went there yesterday evening only to find out that they didn't serve Dim Sum after 5 o'clock. So I came back today to order Dim Sum.

To get there you have to walk up these scary stairs, when you get up there you see this sign.

You won't see that anywhere in America.

Then when you get inside you're greeted by a bunch of fish (and a weird smell). But, with these restaurants they usually make up for that in food quality. Right?

I ordered some beef dumplings and beef rice thingie and sat down. The view was very nice, looking out over the train station. But the food wasn't.

The beef rice thingie was weird. It was all squishy and didn't taste of anything. The beef dumplings however were a bit better (but not as good as noodles).

This is the rice beef thingie, it was awful. Truly awful. The white stuff (which I think was made of rice) didn't really taste of anything. The beef looked like it was porridge (and kind of tasted that way).

These are the beef dumplings, they were quite nice. They were crispy, and the green stuff made it taste better. But the beef was all soft and sloppy.

That concludes it, you win Z (but don't expect such an easy victory next time). The Dim Sum here is awful (and the restaurant smells weird). I'm sorry for this SnackTAYku being short and all, but I don't know much else to say. It didn't taste good.

If anyone else wants to challenge me, feel free. As long as it isn't Dim Sum.