I stopped by a Burger King today and got the new Whopperito, available since Monday. Or to be more accurate, I got two. Read on for my review. Plus a bonus review right after that, of Wienerschnitzel’s chili cheese fries burrito.

Update: The Whopperito appears to be available in US locations only (sorry everyone else).

And they’re good! That is to say, if you like the Whopper, you’ll like it in burrito form, unless you have some aversion to tortilla in which case what the hell is wrong with you?! As everyone knows, burritos are the perfect food, and putting the Whopper into one only makes it better. It’s easier to eat, and less messy, with nothing falling out like it might from a bun with no full enclosure of the patty, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. That being said, if you don’t like the Whopper in burger form, you probably won’t like this either unless you really like burritos.

And now some pictures. Here is the promotional image from Burger King.

And the real thing. First difference, besides the color of the wrapper, is that the burrito is folded closed on both ends. The pic below is after slicing off an end. The real thing isn’t quite like the picture either, but that’s to be expected, and is nothing to sue over...

The meat itself is ground beef, but not like what you’d find in a standard burrito, it’s more like a burger was cooked and then broken into pieces, and it works. Here’s a picture of the contents of the burrito, with the tortilla folded open.

As you can see they use a cheese sauce, but it basically tastes like melted cheese, so that works too. So if you like the Whopper but wish it were more convenient and less messy to eat, and you like burritos then go get one (or two, get as many as you want, I’m not your mom).

Bonus review: often, when I have a burger I’ll get fries with it, or sometimes chili cheese fries, and if I’m getting my burger in burrito form, then I’d likethe same for my side of fries. Which is where Wienerschnitzel’s chili cheese fries burrito comes in.

Much like the Whopperito, being in burrito form makes it better, but even more so because you now have a hand held edible container of chili cheese fries with no mess, but that’s partly because there’s not a whole lot of chili in there. Still, if you like them in a paper box, you’ll like them in a tortilla.

Here’s a picture from their “late night” menu.

And the actual product, which also differs in being folded closed on both ends. This picture was taken after slicing open one side. And as you can see there’s not as much chili or cheese as there are fries.

But there’s still a decent amount of chili and cheese to be found if you were to open it up and take a look inside.

So if you happen to have a Burger King and Wienerschnitzel fairly close to each other, stop by both and get your burger and (chili cheese) fries in a burrito and enjoy!