Ho Ho Ho! It is I, Christmas Furby. I bring presents to allllll the good little Furby and Furbettes. I've been checking everyone's lists. Checking them twice, then cross referencing those lists with my MS Access database. I've got good news! As long as you never were known as SirDannicus, you are on the "nice" list! Great! However, due to Obamacare (Thanks Obama!), I no longer have more than say, twenty dollars to spend on Furby Elf labor.


So, if I only had twenty dollars to spend on you, what would you want ole' Christmas Furby to get you?

And now, I present for your moaning, a Christmas poem


It was the night before Christmas

you were tucked in your bed

while visions of Furby Boom


danced in your head.

Your stocking was stuffed with raw worms


and lemon spice

in hopes that Christmas Furby

would find you quite nice


When down in your basement

you heard such a noise

you hoped it was Christmas Furby



unloading his toys

But to your dismay, in front of your eyes

appeared 6 hoodlums, and 12 tough guys


they stole all your stuff

you hope the memories fade

so let this be a lesson to you



Don't mess with Furby during the masquerade.

PS. I don't hold grudges though. I swear......

PPS. On a serious note - people, you need to be more specific on your Christmas lists. You can't say, "I like Final Fantasy" and then not list the games you've played/own. Or if you say, I like Figurines, name specific figurines you own - that way people can get an idea of what type of figurines you mean while also making sure they don't get you something you already own.