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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The final battle began! All the Mewtwos from across the Galaxy arrived at the location of the Eye of Aether in Romanov space and began their assault on the combined fleets of the Galaxy. The fleets managed to take out a few of the abominations, but suffered great losses. During the battle two Mewtwos boarded the Helix and engaged the crew in combat. One was quickly dealt with, but the other killed the Storm Leviathan of Messina, leaving Alex devastated. Once the Mewtwo was brought down, the girl descended upon it in a murderous frenzy, executing it to avenge her fallen Pokemon. As the battle outside raged on, I joined the fight, having ascended to become a Mewtwo himself. After ravaging several ships, the new Mewtwo made straight for the Eye of Aether with the Helix in hot pursuit.

You will not stand in my way,” I’s voice resonates in the minds of the Helix crew.


“It doesn’t have to be this way!” Alex shouts back. “You don’t have to destroy us all!”

It is the only way you can be saved,” a different Mewtwo’s voice speaks softly in their minds. “...From yourselves.

We have seen no alternative,” comes another, much harsher response.

I gazes at each crew member with his fiercely glowing mechanical eyes. “You Humans, of all Humans, are the worst your cycle has to offer, grasping at powers that don’t belong to you.

“Tell that to Giratina!” Shane yells. “I gave those powers back!”

“I don’t want to have to use this power,” Morgan adds. “But if you’re going to fight us, I will. But I’m not going any deeper.”


Fascinating,” a third Mewtwo voice sounds, this one calm and reflective. “These Humans show a discipline uncharacteristic of their kind.

They are but a few out of billions,” the harsher tone responds. “Even if one Human is good, the potential damage their species can inflict is far too great.

But perhaps these Humans show the potential of their species to move beyond their destructive impulses.

Yet still they suffer,” the soft-spoken Mewtwo interjects. “Humans still bring so much pain upon themselves.”

“But there is love and happiness as well,” Alex speaks up. “Can’t you see that?”

This means nothing,” I says menacingly. “I will give you one last chance. Stand aside, and I will fix this Universe. I will bring it to perfection.

“No,” Morgan replies forcefully. “Not at the cost of Humanity.”

“The simple fact that you believe in perfection shows your own flaw,” H declares as he stares down I. “It is the stride toward perfection that is perfect.”


What does it mean to stride toward perfection if you never truly aim to reach it?” I asks of the cyborg.

“Simply remember that it was the journey, not the destination.”

Jolts of electricity spark off the mechanical Mewtwo as he begins to charge up energy. “A journey is nothing if you go nowhere. Your contentment is your failure.” I fires off a blast of lightning at the Helix crew, causing them to scatter and reach for their Pokeballs.

“Not if it is in knowing that you can always keep improving,” H shouts as he releases his Floatzel. “#9 Rain Dance!” His Pokemon begins to dance around, and rain clouds begin to form as the cyborg loads up his Pokeball cannon and takes aim. He launches a pester ball at I, which explodes in a large fireball, singing his cybernetically armored flesh. Still aflame, I flies forward, charging up for another strike.


“We’re not gonna make it that easy,” Alex says, more to herself than anyone. She throws her Pokeball down, and it bounces off the ground, releasing her Meowstic midair. “Loki, use Light Screen!”

The psychic feline summons a barrier of protective energy around the Helix crew and their Pokemon, but it comes too late for Shane’s freshly released Malamar. I fires off a large ball of lightning that slips through the closing shroud and finds its mark, taking the warpy squid out in one massive blast of sparks. Shane immediately recalls his fainted Pokemon and releases his Klefki instead.


I wastes no time in following up with another attack, unleashing a torrent of flames from his cybernetically implanted flamethrowers that melts right through the armor of the icy automaton that Morgan captured on Jötunheimr. Luckily the giant ice statue remains standing.

“Biollante, Earthquake!” Dmitri commands his Flygon. With a flap of her wings, the green dragon rushes forward, and slams down on the ground near I, causing the whole station to rumble. The cybernetic Mewtwo floats skyward, completely unharmed. Dmitri curses his own misjudgement, then unleashes a blast of ghostly energy, landing a hit on I.

Meanwhile, Morgan hangs back and begins building up her own power. Unfortunately, I seizes the opportunity to redirect her psychic energies into himself. “Hadrian, use Ice Beam!” Morgan commands her icy Pokemon, angered by I’s actions. The pale blue automaton fires off a beam of pure cold energy, landing a solid hit against I.

“K.E.Y.S., use Mirror Shot!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Key Ring Pokemon floats forward and begins glowing brightly. K.E.Y.S. directs the glowing light into a focused beam that strikes I right in the face, temporarily blinding him. Shane immediately follows up by raising his hand and firing a blast of warp energy from his warp glove, scrambling I’s cybernetic equipment.


In retaliation, the cybernetic Mewtwo raises a hand and fires off his own burst of energy, shorting out Shane’s glove. He then unleashes a massive blast of psychic energy, knocking Shane backwards. Shane winces in pain as he tries to stand up to the hit. He begins to glitch out, but he redirects the glitches at I, disabling his psychic attacks for the time being.

“#9, you have done your job!” H declares. “Time to pass the baton!” The cyborg recalls his Floatzel, then releases #1. The recently evolved Rhyperior, now fully decked out with an array of cybernetics, lets out a mighty roar as he emerges from his ball. Not wasting any time, H loads up his cannon with an EMP grenade, and takes another shot

The grenade flies past I, then explodes directly behind him, shorting out his cybernetics for just a moment. The lights on his augmentations flicker, then flash brightly before returning to a solid state. The residual electricity in the air redirects into the cybernetic Mewtwo as he begins charging up for another attack.


You think giving up your power will save you?” I asks as he glares around the battlefield at the crew. He focuses on Shane, staring him down with his glowing cybernetic eyes that appear all the more menacing due to his partially burned away face. You’ve accomplished nothing.” He focuses his charged energy into another ball of electricity, and throws it at Shane.

#1!!” H shouts. His Rhyperior charges across the battlefield, and, as he draws near, the lethal lighting sphere changes course and collides harmlessly with the drill Pokemon. H looks over toward his crewmate and nods.

“Loki, use Reflect!” Alex shouts, leaping back from the advancing I. Her Meowstic summons yet another protective barrier around the crew and their Pokemon. “Great job! Now, come back!” The girl quickly recalls Loki, then throws out another Pokeball, this one containing her Venusaur.


“Biollante, Hyper Beam!” Dmitri shouts. His Flygon swoops across the battlefield, spitting out a beam of powerful energy from her mouth, cutting across the floor and right into I, delivering a decisive hit. The Romanov follows up his Pokemon’s attack by blasting I with another burst of energy, further hindering the cybernetic Mewtwo’s progress.

“K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound!” Shane commands his Klefki. K.E.Y.S. jiggles his keys furiously at I, capturing his attention. Seizing the opportunity, Shane starts glitching once more as he prepares a random attack. Vines form from the glitches, and he brings them crashing down on I with all his might before they dissipate.


Keeping up the assault, Morgan aims her own flamethrower at I and pulls the trigger, unleashing a wave of fire. The cybernetic Mewtwo flies through the flames, positioning himself right in the thick of his foes. He releases a burst of lighting in all directions, but the combatants surrounding him manage to leap out of the way.

“Hadrian, use Hammer Arm!” Morgan commands. The icy automaton lunges at I, and slams one of its massive arms arms down on him, cracking his visor. The cybernetic Mewtwo rockets upward into the air and forms another sphere of electricity. He lobs it at Hadrian, but the shot goes wide and flies toward Alex.

The girl leaps into the air, flipping over the lightning ball as it flies underneath her. “You’ll have to do better than that!” she taunts I as she lands. He just glares back at her with a cold stare. The burned away flesh and metal frame reminds her of the titular character of the Eliminator films, and it sends a shiver of fear down her spine.


“#1, use Chip Away!” H commands his Rhyperior. The augmented Pokemon charges at I and lunges at him, but the cybernetic Mewtwo flies further up into the air, causing #1 to smash the floor. I unleashes a rush of flames from his flamethrowers, igniting the group of Pokemon below him.

The floor shakes as Hadrian collapses. Morgan recalls the animated ice statue and releases her Chairzard. “Blaise, Sunny Day!” she shouts as the Pokemon emerges. The Charizard flies up into the air and spits out a giant ball of fire that floats in the air like a miniature sun.

“Dozer, use Growth!” Alex commands her Venusaur. Absorbing the energy of the artificial sun, Dozer begins to build up energy.

“K.E.Y.S., use Astonish!” Shane orders his Pokemon. The Klefki floats over to I, but he simply brushes it aside with a burst of psychic energy.


I tire of this,” the cybernetic Mewtwo’s voice echoes through the crew’s minds. He flies across the battlefield, headed in the direction of the Eye of Aether.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Alex says as I approaches her. She quickly grabs her plasma knife off her belt, and slashes at him as he passes by, just managing to graze his tail.

“#1, stop him!” H shouts. “Rock Wrecker! Full speed ahead!” Rocket thrusters mounted on the Rhyperior’s tail flare to life, and he charges after I. Drill spinning, the rocky Pokemon slams right into the cybernetic Mewtwo, and smashes him right through the wall.

You will not stop me.” With a flash of light, I teleports away, reappearing a ways down the corridor.


“After him!” Morgan shouts. “Blaise!” Her Charizard swoops in, and Morgan climbs up onto his back. With a thrust of his wings, Blaise propels himself and his trainer down the corridor after I with the rest of the crew and their Pokemon close behind.

When I reaches the end of the corridor, he warps himself through the wall, maintaining an unobstructed path to the Eye while his pursuers are forced to find another way around. As they run, Shane and Dmitri recall their Pokemon and swap in Delphox and Scizor.

“Dozer, keep using Growth!” Alex commands her Venusaur as they run along. The Pokemon continuously builds up energy as they draw nearer to the Eye.


Finally, the winding corridors open up to a large open chamber where the powerful sphere of Time floats, powering the production of warp bombs. The Helix crew can see their foe in the distance, approaching the artifact.

“Now, Sunny Day!” Alex shouts. Her Venusaur’s flower begins to glow, and, soon, a bright ball of light emerges and floats up into the air. This small sun’s energy radiates out, filling both Dozer and Blaize with energy. “That’s it for now,” Alex says as she recalls her Pokemon. “Let’s finish this Lumiera!” She throws her Chandelure’s ball through the beam of her Venusaur’s passing her Pokemon’s energy along to her next. “Minimize!”

H dashes forward and leaps into the air, then magnetizes himself to the bottom of one of the catwalks above. He lines up a shot with his Pokeball cannon, and launches a string shot grenade. The shot flies across the chamber and hits I squarely in the back, hampering his progress.


You think you can stop me?” the cybernetic Mewtwo asks as he turns to face his pursuers. Sensing the power radiating off Alex’s Chandelure, I launches a blast of warp energy at the Pokemon.

No!” Alex screams, recognizing the same ability Shane used to scramble I’s barriers and augmentations. Running as fast as she can, Alex moves toward the incoming attack, then flips herself into the air, intercepting the attack. She winces as the blast makes contact, but she lands on the ground relatively unharmed.

“#1, use Stone Edge!” H commands his Rhyperior. The Pokemon’s rockets flare up once more as he propels himself toward his foe. #1 slams into I full force, knocking him back several feet.


Righting himself, I floats upward and materializes a new barrier around himself. He then summons another ball of lightning. Locking onto Alex’s Chandelure again, the cybernetic Mewtwo fires across the battlefield. “Lumiera, look out!” the Pokemon’s trainer shouts. The ghostly chandelier quickly floats out of the way as the sphere of electricity rapidly approaches.

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“G.W.Y.N., Fox Fire!” Shane commands his Delphox. The fiery fox waves his wand as he moves in, surrounding himself with three wisps of flame. Meanwhile, Shane hangs back and drinks a hyper potion in order to keep himself going.


Dmitri also moves in. The Romanov unleashes a burst of psionic energy, scrambling I’s targeting systems.

“Now, Blaise!” Morgan urges her Pokemon onward. With I momentarily occupied, the Charizard swoops in and Morgan leaps off his back. “Flamethrower!” From opposite sides of the cybernetic Mewtwo, Morgan and her Pokemon unleash a massive tide of flames, completely enveloping their target.

Suddenly, I rockets upward, out of the inferno, all systems back in working order. He glares menacingly at Morgan, and fires off a powerful blast of psychic energy. Sensing the incoming attack with her own power, Morgan leaps out of the way. The floor tiles where she stood explode behind her.


“Gigan, X-Scissor!” Dmitri commands his Scizor. The armored insect swoops in and slashes I with her dual claws, slicing through his chestplate.

A light on the cybernetic Mewtwo’s armor begins to flash. Shortly thereafter, a drop pod smashes through the ceiling and embeds itself in the floor, sending out a massive shockwave, knocking #1, G.W.Y.N., Morgan, and Dmitri back. One of the protective barriers Alex’s Meowstic set up absorbs the initial impact, but it cannot protect everyone. Dmitri and the Pokemon escape mostly unscathed, but Morgan is hurt pretty bad.


The front of the pod bursts open, and a familiar Rhyperior emerges. “#1, it’s all yours!” H shouts to his own Rhyperior. Running up to his foe, #1 tackles Omega, and the two Rhyperiors lock arms, struggling to gain dominance over each other.

While his Pokemon keeps the Rhyperior busy, H sets his sights on I. First, he launches another EMP, but the cybernetic Mewtwo is prepared this time and redirects it away. However, it is merely a distraction. H quickly loads up his cannon with a storage Pokeball Alex had provided to him before the battle, and fires it off. It lands on the floor near I, and just sits there, ready to be activated.


I begins to glow with electrical charge. “Don’t you understand? Only I can save this Universe!

“Yeah?! We’ll see about that, Jerkface!” Alex shouts tauntingly back at him. She is met with a cold glare. “Lumiera, use Inferno!” Her Chandelure’s small wisp of flame roars to life as she unleashes a powerful stream of fire. I raises a hand and focuses his barriers in front of himself, deflecting the flames harmlessly away.

You are hopelessly naive.” The cybernetic Mewtwo forms another lightning ball. This one he throws at Morgan. The protective aura around her absorbs the hit, but much of the electrical energy still seeps through, causing her muscles to spasm, and leaving her temporarily immobilized.


“G.W.Y.N., use Flamethrower!” Shane commands his Delphox as he runs to Morgan’s aid. Covering his trainer, the Fox Pokemon moves in and releases a ball of flame from his wand. Just as with Alex’s Chandelure, I deflects the flames away, but G.W.Y.N. successfully gives Shane the opening he needs. He runs in and helps Morgan up.

“Gigan, X-Scissor again!” Dmitri commands his Pokemon, attempting to keep Shane and Morgan covered. The Scizor makes another pass at I, and lands another couple of hits with her claws. I lobs a ball of lightning after Gigan as she flies away, but the Scizor rolls out of the way just in time.

“Blaise, Solarbeam!” Morgan shouts as Shane helps her away from the heat of the battle. “Get that Rhyperior!” Rapidly absorbing solar energy from the artificial sun, her Charizard forms it into a powerful beam of light, which he fires at the two Rhyperiors wrestling with each other. However, their augmented armor-plating absorbs the attack.


Attempting to help, Shane fires off a burst of warp energy from his warp glove, shorting out Omega’s cybernetics. However, it does little good; I’s Rhyperior gains the upper hand, and pushes #1 aside, then moves to attack Morgan’s Charizard as he passes.

“Not so fast!” H shouts. “#1, you know what to do!” With a burst from his rockets, H’s Rhyperior rapidly moves into position, placing himself between Omega and its target. #1’s rocky hide absorbs the hit that would have been lethal to Morgan’s Pokemon.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” H taunts I, turning his attention back to the cybernetic Mewtwo. He presses a button, and the Pokeball he launched springs open, releasing another of his crazy inventions: a rocket launcher of sorts, armed with rows upon rows of Pokeball cannons. With another button press, the device activates, spewing out a wall of grenades that fills the air. Many find their mark, but a lot fly right past I, and several even hit Dmitri’s nearby Scizor.

Not even bothered by H’s contraption, I locks onto Morgan’s Charizard, and fires another ball of electricity at it. Sparks fly as the sphere races across the battlefield. It connects with Blaise, knocking the Pokemon right out of the sky. Luckily, the protective aura set up by Alex’s Meowstic absorbs some of the energy, allowing the Charizard to keep fighting. Blaise lets out a defiant roar as he picks himself back up.


“Better luck next time, asshole!” Alex taunts I. Seemingly angered, the cybernetic Mewtwo flies full speed at the girl, but she sidesteps, causing him to collide with a pole, which snaps in half like a twig. “Lumiera, get him! Use Hex!” Alex’s ghostly chandelier’s eyes glow brightly as she summons a massive wave of energy. It closes in around I, causing visible fracture lines to appear along his barriers. Then, they shatter, sending out a shockwave of energy. When the bright light clears, I is left sparking as crushed pieces of his cybernetics fall away.

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“#1, take him out!” H commands his Pokemon. The Rhyperior closes in on I, but he’s not done just yet. Raising a hand, the cybernetic Mewtwo unleashes his own blast of energy, sending #1 flying backwards.


I’s damaged form glows as he begins to regenerate. “Come, my brothers,” his voice psychically radiates outward. The ceiling rips open as a trio of Mewtwos descends into the station. An energy shield forms over the breach behind them as they approach. “It is time to finish this.

Session Notes: And so begins the real final fight! This is a bit shorter than last chapter, but this was such an amazing place to end that I had to end it here. Opening it up, The Other Guy was still out so Clarissa kept running Shane. He returned during the transition between the phases in the battle about halfway through.


There was some great RP at the beginning before the fight began, particularly I and H exchanging words about perfection. Once the fighting started, it was fun but it was a bit sad that Morgan’s Regice went down so fast since this was her first time using it.

When we got to the phase shift, DragonStorm let us keep all the setup we had been doing for the entire first phase, just so we didn’t have to go through all of that again and not feel like it was for nothing. I even got to keep setting up, maxing out my Venusaur’s special attack and passing it on to Chandelure (which is a combo I had been waiting to do forever). When he had I use Topsy-Turvy on my Chandelure, I literally almost quit the game because my special attack would have dropped from 99 to 18 and my Pokemon would have been completely worthless in the fight on top of all the things I did in the first round being wasted. But then the others kindly reminded me of intercepts being a thing. Of course, then DragonStorm kept targetting me for a bit. It might just be me personally, but I kind of felt like throughout this campaign he let his meta knowledge bleed through too much and I felt like I couldn’t do anything cool, be it use this awesome Kyogre I caught, or try to do this Juggler combo, because I would be immediately focused-fired. It’s like “here have this cool thing I won’t let you use ever.” He literally said “there was no way I could let you go into the final battle against I with a Kyogre that has the ability lightningrod.” Granted, he was misinformed about how that ability works, but still… that’s not the kind of attitude you should have toward your players… Luckily, I managed to barely hang in there, and at least get off a super powerful hit with Hex.

Back to positive things, throughout the whole fight we kept expecting I’s Rhyperior to show up, but we didn’t see it coming in quite such an epic way. And then there was another of H’s crazy hair-brained schemes. He was vying for it to be much more mechanically powerful, using Pokeball cannon rules to attempt to get unreducible damage against I, but in true H fashion, it failed miserably because the GM shut it down for being busted as fuck. He was hoping to get 200 unreducible damage after all.


And then we wrap up with some new Mewtwos showing up! Find out what happens next in the exciting final chapter of Spacemon! Special Thanks to The Other Guy and DragonStorm247 for assisting with the writing of this chapter!

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