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Welcome to the epic final installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The final battle began! All the Mewtwos from across the Galaxy arrived at the location of the Eye of Aether in Romanov space and began their assault on the combined fleets of the Galaxy. The fleets managed to take out a few of the Mewtwos, but suffered great losses. As the battle outside raged on, I joined the fight, having ascended to become a Mewtwo himself. After ravaging several ships, the new Mewtwo made straight for the Eye of Aether with the Helix in hot pursuit. Racing to beat I to the Eye, the crew intercepted him and engaged him in combat. They battled fiercely, drawing ever nearer to the powerful artifact. Just as it seemed the Helix crew was gaining the upper hand, I summoned several more Mewtwos to aid him in battle.

Come, my brothers. It is time to finish this.

I casts his menacing gaze over the Helix crew as the three Mewtwos descend.

“So much for being above allies as you so thought!” H taunts I from his perch underneath the catwalks.


They are different,” the cybernetic Mewtwo responds. He raises his hand to the descending Mewtwos. “Behold, the pinnacle of Creation.”

H drops down from his vantage point before I. “And see, that is the problem with shooting for perfection,” he says, locking eyes with his foe. “Perfection means you have to stop improving.”

Enough of this foolishness,” I dismisses the Human cyborg. He glances up at the other Mewtwos. “Let us end them.


Shane looks up at the other Mewtwos, then turns back to I. “If you claim to have ascended Humanity, and you think this new power makes you above us, then how is it that, even without the forces of the Universe at our beck and call, we are still managing to defeat you? True enlightenment comes not with wanting power you don’t yet have, but with making the most effective use of the power you already have.”

This one speaks true,” one of the other Mewtwos speaks. The crew recognizes the deep blue being’s voice as the same calm one they heard earlier.

Your words would seem wise,” the green one addresses Shane. It speaks in the same harsh tone they heard before. “Yet you are only defeating this one.” It motions toward I.

You are foolish to think me so easily defeated,” I responds to Shane. “I am still infinitely above you.

Why do you resist, Humans?” asks the pink Mewtwo. Would it not be easier to trust our judgement?

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“The entire reason that the cycles began was that a Human with a lust for power, much like yourself, ascended before his time,” Shane addresses I.

The green Mewtwo turns its gaze toward its mechanical brother.

“We have to stop this!” Alex speaks up. “We don’t have to fight. We don’t have to kill each other.”


“She’s right,” Morgan agrees. “There was once a time when Humans and Mewtwos lived together in peace.”

We gave you your freedom once, and you could not be trusted,” the green Mewtwo answers. “What your kind has wrought-

“Not all Humans are horrible, destructive monsters,” Alex interrupts. “You can’t condemn an entire species for the actions of one individual.”

It is necessary when the actions of the one throw everything out of balance.

“If you destroy all the Humans, then you’re no better than you think we are,” Morgan counters. “If you think we’re awful, power-hungry, destructive people, just look at what you’re doing.”


The cycle allows more to live in the future,” reflects the blue one. “Unaided, your species would have naturally died out long ago.

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“But why do you have to destroy all life just to replace it with new life?” Alex asks. “There are people and Pokemon here now that deserve the chance to live out their lives. Why can’t you just deal with the bad Humans and give the majority— who are inherently good— that chance?”


Because, up until now, Humans have not proven themselves worthy,” it answers. “While not all of your kind are purely malicious, the majority are neutral at best. The few good Humans there are have not outweighed the potential for harm.

“But, up until now, you never gave Humanity a chance,” Alex pleads. “Let us show you that Humanity can change.”

“We even managed to get the warring factions of this Galaxy to put aside their differences,” Morgan adds.


For now,” the pink one responds. It motions toward the battle raging outside the station, toward the Federation and Romanov ships more focused on using each other as shields than taking down the Mewtwos. “Even now they still regard each other as enemies. Do you truly believe them capable of lasting peace?

“But the fact that we even got them to work together surely must mean something,” Alex argues.

It means nothing,” I counters. He turns to the rest of his psionic brethren. “I can fix this Universe, undo the wound inflicted by Cain. Join me, and we can begin anew, without the need for these cycles, without reliance on these Humans.”


“He was once a Human,” Morgan points out to the other Mewtwos. “He’s exactly the same as that Cain you hate so much. We gave up power to save the Universe while he took all the power he could get to become one of you.”

Perhaps,” the blue one tells her. “But you have yet to fully convince us.” It then turns its gaze to Shane. “While you, Human, have proven your individual worth, we have not seen that you are representative of Humanity as a whole.

“If you destroy all of Humanity before they have a chance to prove themselves, you’ll never get the chance to find out,” Shane responds.

“Why not let us show Humanity the way?” Alex suggests.

A reflective expression appears on the blue Mewtwo’s face. “Maybe you Humans, who have turned your back on power, can guide your species.


They have yet to prove that Humans can be trusted,” the green one counters. It casts a judging gaze over the Helix crew. “Perhaps you Humans have proven your own worth, but your species as a whole is violent, dangerous.

“Just give us a chance!” Alex begs.

But you Humans will all suffer for it,” the pink Mewtwo speaks, a hint of concern in its soft voice. Visions of war and Human suffering fill the crew’s minds.

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“It doesn’t have to be like that,” Morgan argues. “Most people don’t want to make war.”


We have not seen this to be the case,” the blue Mewtwo responds. “Throughout time, your species’ actions have disproved your assertion.” Images of Human conflicts across the cycles flash through the minds of the crew.

“But we can learn from the mistakes of the past,” Alex speaks up once more. “I believe we can show Humanity the way to make this a better Galaxy for everyone.”

Do you actually believe that, or are you just speaking empty words?” the green Mewtwo asks the girl.


“I believe it with all my heart,” she answers. “If there’s a way to do it, we’ll find it. Please… just give us a chance.”

It matters not how strongly you believe it. What can you actually do to make it so?

Alex clenches her fists tight. She locks eyes with the Mewtwo with a determined expression on her face. “Whatever I can. Whatever it takes. A wise man told me that the first step is to be willing. We’re all willing to strive to make this a better Galaxy.”


And what makes you think the rest of your species will be willing? What makes you think they can grow past their tendency toward self-destruction?

This time, it’s Morgan who answers. “Yes, Humans are often short-sighted and dumb,” she says as she looks around the chamber at her crewmates and at the Mewtwos. “But I think that if we get together people who are serious, then we, as a species, can realize that the first step toward solving a problem is admitting you have one. I don’t think it’s inevitable that all Humanity will be bent toward self-destruction forever. I think that if we acknowledge that tendency, we can work to root it out. We’ve just never had enough time.”

Even if some among your species gets serious, what of those who don’t fall in line?” the pink Mewtwo asks. “They will undo any progress you make and all of the Universe will suffer.

“We punish people who disobey laws all the time,” Morgan tells the Mewtwo.

“That’s the reason we have laws in the first place,” Shane adds.

“Exactly,” Morgan agrees. “We don’t have to let anyone ruin it for everyone else.”


“And, over time, conventional thinking will change to reflect what the majority of people really want,” Alex offers.

“It’ll be some trouble at first,” Morgan continues. “And maybe we’ll have to smack a lot of people in line at the beginning, but Humans are as much a product of their upbringing as anything. Just like Alex said, as times change people will change as well.”

That remains to be seen.

You would be naive to believe such a thing is possible,” I asserts. “Humans will destroy this Universe long before they can change on their own. I can change them now.


“If there’s one thing you should have learned from observing all these cycles, it’s that you can’t force a Human to do anything,” Morgan snaps back at the cybernetic Mewtwo.

“And besides, change only means something if you let it happen naturally,” Alex adds.

This is a dangerous course of action,” the green Mewtwo warns the girl. “Humans left to their own devices could wreak havoc upon the Universe. The potential benefits do not outweigh the dangers.”

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“But you haven’t even tried,” Alex replies. “If five random assholes like us have shown that it’s possible, then anyone can do it.”


There may be truth to your words.” The green Mewtwo turns away from Alex and looks to Shane. “Tell me, Gardener, do you see a way for Humans to grow on their own without damning the Universe?

“I’m not sure how valid my opinion is, given that I seeded this cycle a lifetime ago,” Shane answers. “But in order to foster purity and good intentions, one needs to grow in an environment without the negative influences we’re trying to avoid.”

The room is silent as the Mewtwos think.

“That being said,” Shane continues. “On the subject of ascension, don’t let Humans have the capability to ascend on their own. Seek out those that are already pure and worthy, and start them down the path.”


That was the purpose of the one you call Mr. Silver,” the pink Mewtwo informs Shane. “The Harvester was designed to lead the Humans you created down the path of ascension.

“That is not what I just suggested,” Shane replies. “What Mr. Silver did in this cycle facilitated the creation of Mewtwos, yes, but his actions were horrific and barbaric. He did not actively seek out those who are worthy of becoming Mewtwos.”

He sought me out,” I argues, his frustration growing. “I was chosen to ascend. To lead.


“You were a clone,” Shane shoots back. “One whose DNA was compatible with becoming a Mewtwo. You all were. That doesn’t say anything about your personality being compatible. Because of Mr. Silver, the Mewtwos of this cycle did not grow up alongside symbiont Pokemon partners as they did in the first.”

Perhaps you have a point,” the blue Mewtwo responds. It glances over at I. “It may be that the Harvester was in error.

How dare you?” I exclaims, his voice now full of anger. Sparks fly off the cybernetic Mewtwo’s body as he powers himself up. “I’m trying to save this Universe. I’m the only one who seems to be doing so.

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“The problem is that you’re trying too hard,” Shane tells him.

“Indeed,” the Mewtwos declare, rising in unison. “The mechanical one’s path is a flawed one. As for your path, Humans… we shall see...”


No...” I floats up into the air, pulling the Eye of Aether along with him. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be perfect. You…” His baleful gaze falls upon the crew. “You’ve ruined everything.” He raises the Eye high above himself then throws it downwards, directly at the Helix crew.

As the massive sphere hurdles through the air, H stands his ground, and a giant airbag springs forth from his hair. The airbag cushions the Eye as it connects, dampening the impact slightly. Alex and Morgan manage to slip out of the way, but the Eye crashes down on H, Shane, and Dmitri. The sphere splits down the middle on H’s airbag, sending his two crewmates flying off to the sides.

A mighty roar shakes the station as a massive Pokemon emerges from the broken Eye. Morgan immediately recognizes the majestic blue and white being from her visions when she looked through Time with the Eye.

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“You see this?!” Shane shouts, turning to the other Mewtwos. “This is why he shouldn’t have nice things!”


I have freed Dialga from its Human-made prison!” I proclaims, turning his gaze toward Shane. “Your desire for control is why your kind cannot be trusted with such power.

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“You’re one to talk!” Shane snaps back.

I extends his hand toward Dialga, and the entire station rumbles again as the Pokemon unleashes another powerful roar. Time seems to distort around the crew and their Pokemon as they are blasted with waves of temporal energy. Morgan’s connection to Dialga through the Eye keeps her and her Charizard safe as the onslaught tears into her crewmates and their Pokemon. Both Dmitri and Shane are instantly knocked unconscious, as well as both of their Pokemon and H’s Rhyperior. Alex grabs onto her Chandelure as she is launched across the chamber. Clutching the ghostly chandelier in her arms to protect the Pokemon from harm, Alex slams into a pillar, and falls to the floor.

The girl grunts in pain as she picks herself up. “We don’t want to fight you!” she yells at Dialga. She concentrates on the Pokemon, thinking only peaceful thoughts. However, Dialga remains oblivious to her cries.

I’m afraid that, after being trapped for millennia, the feeling isn’t mutual.

“You just want to control it for yourself!” Alex shouts back at the cybernetic Mewtwo. “Lumiera, get him! Use Inferno!” the girl’s ghostly companion floats up above her, and fires a massive ball of flames at I. Unfortunately, he summons a barrier and deflects the attack. He then returns the favor by blasting Lumiera with psychic energy, taking the Pokemon down.


“Damn it,” Alex curses as she recalls her fainted Pokemon. “Good work, Lumiera. You’re up again, Dozer!” She throws the ball containing her Venusaur as far away from the conflict as she can. It bounces twice, then springs open, releasing her Pokemon.

“It’s time to finish this!” H declares as he recalls his Rhyperior and sends out his Glalie. “#8, use Blizzard!” The icy creature spits out a blast of freezing air at I, frosting over his mechanical parts.

It’s amusing how you still attempt to defy me.” Bits of frozen metal shatter off the cybernetic Mewtwo as he aims his flamethrowers at #8. A dual stream of flames engulfs the Glalie, but he just manages to hang in there.


Coming back to her senses, Morgan runs over to Dmitri who is lying unconscious nearby. Applying her medical knowledge, Morgan gives Dmitri a revive, and quickly nurses him back to consciousness. She then runs over to Dialga, and places a hand on one of its giant legs. Through her connection to the Pokemon, she can feel I exerting an influence over it. She tries as hard as she can to break Dialga free, but she cannot overcome I’s will.

I just have to try another way, Morgan thinks. “Blaise, use Flamethrower!” Morgan commands her Charizard, directing it after I. Her Pokemon dives past I, unleashing a stream of flames. As the Charizard swoops over the ground, I’s Rhyperior attempts to smash it with its head, drill spinning furiously. With a powerful thrust of his wings, Blaise shoots back up into the air, causing Omega to embed its drill into the floor.

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Such a nuisance,” I says as he takes aim at the charizard. He forms a massive ball of lighting in his hand, and lobs it at Blaise. The Pokemon lets out a roar of pain as the attack lands. He falls out of the sky, and collapses in a heap. With one last pained groan, the Charizard struggles to pick himself up, then falls still.


Alex looks away, trying to block the image of the dying Pokemon from her mind. She moves back from the fray and drinks a super potion in order to keep herself going. She then attempts to get over to Shane to help him up, but I’s Rhyperior stands in her way.

Suddenly, one of Shane’s Pokeballs springs open, and his Rotom emerges. His longtime Pokemon companion is not about to let him come to harm. Seeing Omega approach, the electric ghost blasts the Rhyperior with ghostly energy, sending it into a state of confusion.

Taking advantage of the opportunity B.O.L.T. created, the freshly revived Dmitri runs in from behind, and sprays Shane with a super potion, reawakening him. Without missing a beat, Shane extends a hand, and causes the area around I to glitch out, causing several of his cybernetic system to go haywire.


Seizing the opportunity, Morgan throws one of H’s EMP grenades at the cybernetic Mewtwo, but it merely bounces off and falls to the floor beneath him.

“Dozer, use Sunny Day!” Alex shouts to her Venusaur as she starts running over to him. The Pokemon begins to glow as he releases another artificial sun into the air.

“#8, use Frost Breath!” H commands his Glalie, pointing at I. The Pokemon spits out a blast of super-cooled air at the cybernetic Mewtwo, but he pays it little mind. Floating down to the ground, I raises his flamethrowers and blasts the Glalie once more. The direct blast of flames reduces #8 to little more than a puddle.


I immediately turns his attention away from his kills, and points toward Alex’s Venusaur on the fringes of the battlefield. His Rhyperior acknowledges the command, and fires up its rockets. “Dozer, look out!” Alex cries out as Omega speeds toward her Pokemon, coated over in flames. The warning comes too late, however, and the Rhyperior smashes right into the Venusaur. Luckily, the last bit of the protective barriers Alex’s Meowstic set up allows Dozer to hang in there.

“Now it is time for your end!” H declares triumphantly, pointing his finger right at I.

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You think me defeated? I have only just begun.

“By the power of fate, we shall be victorious!” H shouts back.

Just as he had planned, the EMP Morgan threw detonates right under I, shorting out his damaged cybernetics. Sparks flying everywhere, H summons a massive bolt of lightning, and throws it at I while he’s wide open.

Your power cannot match mi-

I’s words cut short and his body begins to spasm wildly as volts upon volts of electricity course through him. He falls backwards onto the floor, smoke rising from his damaged and melted form. Shane limps across the floor, pulls out his electric dagger, and stabs the cybernetic Mewtwo in the chest, finishing him off.


Rushing to I’s aid, Omega sprints across the chamber. “Not so fast!” Alex shouts at the Pokemon. She waves her arms wildly, distracting the already dazed Rhyperior, causing it to trip and fall. It knocks itself unconscious as its head smashes into the floor.

With I defeated, Dialga begins to calm as the controlling influence has dissipated. Shane sits down on the floor, completely exhausted. “Believe us now?” Shane asks with a laugh, looking up at the other Mewtwos.

Your actions were indeed impressive,” the blue one answers. “But what will you do now?


“Continue down the path we started,” Morgan tells it. She walks over to Dialga, and places a hand on its leg once more. Please take these powers back, she thinks. She focuses hard on forcing her control over Time back into Dialga, but she still can’t seem to follow in Shane’s footsteps.

Perhaps there is something to you Humans after all,” the green Mewtwo says as it watches Morgan’s attempts. “Allow me to aid you.” With a wave of the Mewtwo’s hand, Morgan can feel her powers flowing out of her, back into Dialga. “And what of you?” the green being asks, turning to Dmitri.

“If Darkrai was here now, I would,” Dmitri responds. “If we can truly have peace, I will be able to return them to it.”

Very well,” the blue Mewtwo tells him.

“Does that mean you’re gonna give us a chance now?” Alex asks. “Have we proven ourselves worthy?”

Maybe you have,” the green Mewtwo answers the girl. “But you can see, even he had good intentions.” It turns its gaze toward I’s smoking corpse. “You can see how easy it is to fall. What makes you any different?


“Why not provide guidance?” H asks. “You’re so concerned with the forces of the Universe being exploited and abused by Human advancement, yet you do not try to show an alternative.”

What, then, do you propose?” the blue Mewtwo asks him.

“Why not make an agreement with Humans to guide that advancement?” H suggests. “Let Humanity flourish under your supervision, and if they wind up stepping into something that is harmful to the Universe, you can shift them in a different direction.”

“And if you do find someone worthy of ascension, you’ll know,” Shane adds.

“Precisely,” H agrees. “You get better candidates for ascension and you don’t have to worry about the entire cleansing thing you’ve been doing. As such, you can maintain constant ascension, the Mewtwo population will be sustained, Humans will be happy, and, finally, everyone will be able to research and maybe find a more stable way to maintain the Universe.”


We must deliberate on this matter.” The green mewtwo echoes as the trio rises above the station. The remaining Mewtwos in the fray cease their fighting, and join the cluster, one by one.

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Shane quickly gets on the comm system to the rest of the fleet. “White, Cenov, Hold your fire!”


“The hell?” White replies. “Why would we do that when we could fire on all of them at once?

“Da,” Cenov adds. “It is best opening we have.”

“Believe it or not, we’re actually arranging some form of peace treaty with the Mewtwos,” Shane replies.


The comms go silent. After the longest time, White admits “If there’s anyone who could, it would have been you. Holding fire.” The ships gradually stop firing on the Mewtwos, and the entire battlefield is filled with eerie silence.

After several moments, it finally seems that the Mewtwos have reached a decision. “Very well, Humans,” the blue one says as they float back down to the crew. While it speaks directly to the Helix crew, they broadcast its words to the fleet. “We are interested to see how your species develops in the future under this guidance.”

Therefore, a trial period will be granted,” another one continues. “We will observe your development and determine if you can live up to your potential.

“How long do we have to prove our enlightenment?” H asks.

Fifty of your Human years,” a different Mewtwo answers.

Once this period reaches its end, we will pass final judgement,” yet another concludes.

“We accept these terms,” Shane addresses the Mewtwos.

“We’ll prove ourselves,” Alex adds. “You’ll see.”

Indeed we will. Do not waste our time, Humans,” the blue Mewtwo says as they begin warping away to the far corners of the Galaxy.

“Are you crazy?!” the Red Suns’ new leader shouts at the Romanov Supreme Admiral. “You just expect us to let you take all of zis territory? After all zat we sacrificed?”


“There were heavy casualties on our side too. Many sons of Romanov have fallen today,” Cenov responds to Rena’s harsh words. “We have already made agreement with Federation and we will not accept anything less.”

“You were threatening the continued existence of Humanity by demanding those terms,” White argues. “And you are in no position to do so now.”

While the Romanovs stood strong as the Federation took the brunt of the Mewtwos’ initial assault, the tides turned over the course of the battle. The Federation commanders pulled it together and minimized any further losses while the Supremacy began to lose ground. Now, the two factions were well matched, both in terms of ships and at the negotiating table.

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“Now, more than ever, we must end this war,” Cenov addresses the room. “You already agreed to my terms once. To go back on your word now will only invite further hostilities.”


“Alright, break it up,” Shane says in a condescending manner. “Remember: from this point forward, we’re being watched and we’re being judged, so be on your best behavior.”

“All the more reason for you to accept my terms,” Cenov says, glaring across the table at White.

“But this is your war,” Alex speaks up. She glares angrily at the Romanov Supreme Admiral. “One you started for selfish reasons that go against everything we just achieved with the Mewtwos. Everything we stand for.”


“I fail to see your argument’s validity. I am simply ensuring that the Sons of Romanov get what they are due. All of it.”

“Things were different then,” Alex argues. “We have a real chance to prove ourselves to the Mewtwos now. If you return the territory that you stole, it would go a long way toward showing them that we’re worthy.”

“And what would alternative show them? That Humans lie and go back on their promises, da?”

“For the last time, the Federation will not tolerate-”

“Honestly, I’m fine with these terms,” Shane cuts in, interrupting White. “We did already agree to them previously. But if either party oversteps their bounds in the future, I personally guarantee they’re gonna have a bad time.”


With that said, the leaders return to the map of the Galaxy, charting out the ceded territories as per the previous agreement. However, as the discussion progresses, they begin to renegotiate the terms.

“The Supremacy has no claim over Sector 12,” White tells Cenov. “The Ascendancy has barely any territory as it is. To halve that amount would have disastrous consequences.”

“What, then, do you propose, Admiral? You must give us something in return,” Cenov states firmly, pointing at the map. “Shall we say… these uncharted regions?”


“Very well,” White agrees, looking at the swathe of unclaimed space where the Helix crew discovered the location of Earth. “You shall have exclusive expansion rights in that region.”

“Then Sector 12 is yours. As for the Outer Rim… I believe all of these territories will be sufficient.” The Supreme Admiral waves his hands across several sectors.

“That would leave Sector 11 bordering Romanov space on three sides,” White protests. “This is unacceptable.”


“The Federation is keeping majority of Outer Rim territories as it is,” Cenov counters.

“I propose a trade then,” the Grand Admiral offers.

“Oh? I’m listening.”

“Sector 9 for Sector 11,” White elaborates. “It would boost the morale of the Genevan people to see their capital worlds returned, and Sector 11 is a larger expanse of territory. This exchange also has the added benefit of smoothing out the border between our nations. You would be a damn fool not to agree to this.”

“Very well, Admiral. I accept these terms.”

“It’s settled then.” White extends his hand across the table, and Cenov grips it firmly. The two Admirals shake on the terms, then depart from the room.


As they leave, Alex takes a glance at the finalized map and takes out a Pokeball. “Huh. How convenient,” she says, noticing the striking resemblance the Galaxy now has to the spherical contraption in her hand.

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Back on the Helix, the crew gathers on the bridge to discuss future plans.

“Well, I’ve officially had enough close calls for a lifetime or two,” Minerva says.

“If you want to leave, we aren’t stopping you,” Shane reiterates.

“Nah,” Minerva replies, spinning in the pilot seat. “I’m used to it by now.”

The crew gazes out at the fleets as the ships begin warping away. “This has been such a monumental achievement,” Morgan says. “What do we even do now?”

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“We must continue to reach for enlightenment! The road to perfection is never ending; progress must continue to be made!” H shouts. He bolts out of the bridge, and leaps over the railing, down to the lower deck.


“Welp, I’m gonna go make sure he doesn’t blow up the ship,” Meta says as she too turns to leave. “...again.”

“You know, despite how dysfunctional we can get, this is the only real ‘family’ I’ve ever known,” Shane says as the last of the ships exit from view. “I can’t even imagine what life would be like without being part of this crew.”

“You don’t have to,” Morgan says as she places her hand on Shane’s. He reflexively retracts it, but places it back shortly thereafter. The two turn to look at each other and lock eyes for a brief moment.


“Oh, just kiss already,” Alex says, playfully interjecting between them and breaking their gaze.

“But, seriously,” Minerva says, turning to face her employers with a very serious tone. “Where are we headed?”

“I don’t care where we go,” Naomi says as she wraps her arms around Alex from behind. “As long as I’m with you.”


Dmitri finishes the last of the candy bars he had been hoarding. “I could use some more food,” he tells his crewmates.

“Better than nothing. As a matter of fact, I happen to know a place the other pilots would frequent often,” Minerva says as the warp drive begins to whirr to life. “Onward, to the best grub in the Galaxy!”

The Helix drops into warp space, rocketing towards new and unknown horizons in a new era of peace.


With the conflict with the Mewtwos resolved and the war between the Federation and the Supremacy put to an end, the Galaxy moved forward into a new era. The crew of the UAS Helix went down in history as legends of the Federation. These heroes, who had been through so much together, were looked to by many for guidance in this vastly different time. The Helix crew hoped to advance Humanity forward under the watchful eyes of the Mewtwos. The Mewtwos, for the most part, silently looked on with interest, allowing Humanity to develop on their own.


Of course, the Helix’s adventures continued. In this new time of peace, the crew journeyed the stars together. While they still had some semblance of diplomatic immunity, the crew returned to Messina in the Astaranth System, deep in Romanov-controlled space, where Alex fulfilled her promise to Leviathan. The ancient Pokemon’s remains were laid to rest on its homeworld.

The crew then set out on a new mission, to travel the Galaxy and destroy the Mirrors one by one, a goal both Alex and Dmitri strongly committed themselves to due to their personal connections to the Mirrors. Once the Mirrors were destroyed, the crew returned to the Mirror planet deep in the galactic core and destroyed it too, freeing Darkrai and allowing Dmitri to return the power he gained from the Pokemon.

Along the way, Naomi helped Alex to track down the fabled fire temple in Sinai space. Inside the temple, they discovered an ancient artifact— a blazing tablet that was able to restore Alex’s Chandelure to her true self.


Eventually, the crew’s travels came to an end. Several months after the battle, Alex announced that she and Naomi would be leaving. Naomi had been accepted into a prestigious Federation university to chase her dream of becoming a journalist. Not wanting to be separated from Naomi, Alex chose to leave with her, and the two bought an apartment together.

Soon, the others began leaving as well, ready to move on with their lives. In the years that followed, the Helix crew went on to live fulfilling lives and become great influencers across the Galaxy.

With Federation funding, H founded the Primary Research Institute. There, under the supervision of a new AI created by the Mewtwos, H oversaw the advancement of Human technology, making sure to prevent damage to the Universe. H tapped his former crewmates to help run various branches of the Institute. Shane, Morgan, and Dmitri helmed the branches dedicated to Space, Time, and Entropy, respectively, using their previous connections to those forces to guide research in those particular areas. Meanwhile, Alex was selected to oversee research into Pokemon and Pokemon-related technologies, making her one of the youngest experts working at the Institute.


Working at the Primary Research Institue, heading research into Space and the Warp, Shane developed the Void Station, a space station capable of sustained existence in warp space in order to study its secrets. Mostly working alone, Shane strove to research into technologies to combat warp madness, eventually developing anti-warp stasis pods and other technologies that allowed more researchers to join him on Void Station. His subordinates in the Space branch of the Institute also saw the development of advanced warp travel, allowing for faster, more efficient warp drives and, eventually, practical long-distance, gate-free warp travel. Several years after the battle, Federation excavators uncovered a heavily damaged ancient sphere that appeared to have been destroyed by Mewtwos. Using the leftover bits, the Federation developed a powerful AI to run their newly developed flagship, the FNS Arceus. As an expert on AI, Shane was brought in by the Federation to assist with research. On his suggestion, the mind built on top of the ancient AI architecture was based on that of Admiral Graves. Shane became friends with this new AI, but something about her always seemed a bit lifeless and calculating to him.

Dmitri, however, only stayed at the Primary Research Institute for a brief time, helping establish the Entropy branch, and then leaving it in the care of hand-chosen researchers he felt could be trusted. After going on to work on several other independent research projects, Dmitri finally settled down and started a family. Wishing to help the people of his homeland, Dmitri began a career as a diplomat. He was the most successful Federation ambassador to the Romanov supremacy and, from there, he eventually became Federation Director of Foreign Relations. Many Romanovs did brand him as a traitor, but his heroics with the Helix crew had serious clout and they respected his attempts to keep the peace. Eventually, he retired due to the stress of the job and decided to focus on his family life.

Morgan also stayed at the Institute for a brief time. Like Dmitri, she helped establish the Time branch and, once she felt it was in good shape, left it in the care of experts that she had hand-picked. Morgan chose to pursue her true calling: working on robots. Over the following years, she became a well-renowned engineer most famous for her MARIA line of medical bots. Morgan also oversaw her father’s care. Her mother had been killed during the Romanov invasion of the Geneva Confederacy, but her father had escaped on a ship that crossed the borders by free warping. Unfortunately, he had succumbed to warp madness and was never quite the same. Despite her resentment of the man, Morgan felt it was her duty to oversee his care until he eventually passed away.


Alex, however, did remain at the Institute along with Shane and H. Naomi graduated with a degree in journalism, and she and Alex got married shortly thereafter. A few years later, they had their first child through in vitro fertilization— a daughter whom they named Ellie. While still working at the institute, Alex also became a well-known public figure, advocating for social change in the Sinai Ascendancy. Naomi became renowned as well as an ace reporter, breaking stories on many large Galactic scandals, particularly related to Alliance corporations. Over the next several years, Alex campaigned for improving life for Sinai orphans and remedying the nation’s poverty problems. She and Naomi founded the Hawthorne Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged Sinai orphans. It came as no surprise that the two ended up adopting three Sinai orphans during this period and welcoming them into their family— a newborn baby boy they named Rajesh after Alex’s mentor, and a slightly older girl and boy named Ava and Salim.

The other members of the Helix crew and those who helped them along the way also moved on as well. Meta’s relationship with H surprisingly lasted for four years despite how dysfunctional it was. However, H wanted to remain at the Institute while Meta got bored and decided to move on to new things. One day, she just dropped off the grid, taking the cyber-weapon with her. Minerva continued to work as a pilot, but, in her spare time, she wrote a memoir of her time as the Federation legends’ ace pilot and eventually published it. She made a killing off her book and retired. Dr. Armstrong took a position at the Primary Research Institute and worked closely with H until he eventually died of liver failure. Bill Wi also worked at the Institute for a time, but he later moved on to host his own popular science show for kids called Bill Wi the Science Fi. Diane Stone, the Helix’s move tutor and training expert went on to found her own academy for Pokemon trainers. Adám went off to explore the Galaxy with his Pokemon companion, Eve, in this new age. Hondo, of course, became extremely rich and lived a life of luxury as a legendary smuggler. Commander Rodriguez eventually retired from active duty and took on a role on the corporate side of OmniGuard. Admiral Graves’ resolve in the war with the Romanov Supremacy and against the Mewtwos led to her appointment to the Federation war council to replace one of the admirals who had perished in the battle.

Under Rena’s leadership, the Red Suns were absorbed into the Federation proper and became the government body responsible for keeping peace in the Federation’s Outer Rim territories and patrolling the Romanov border, replacing the Federation’s Pokemon Gym system. Kiril, Luke, Petra, Matthias, and Carmen all remained and helped Rena to run the organization. Matt, however, went on to become the lead test pilot for the Federation’s new single-man fighter project. Helming their new Federation fleet was the state-of-the-art FNS Marauder, a custom built destroyer to replace the Corsair. In honor of his noble sacrifice, Arlon was named a Federation legend alongside the Helix crew. The daughter he had with Rena, whom she named Eveline, grew up on the Marauder and eventually went on to lead the organization herself.


As the various heroes went on to do do great things, the Galaxy changed as well. The Federation stepped up to take a more active role in the member factions’ business. Reeling from taking a heavy hit in the war with the Romanov Supremacy and losing two of their sectors, the Geneva Confederacy struggled to keep itself afloat. The return of their core sector was a symbol of hope, but many citizens were displaced. The Federation provided the Confederacy with several Outer Rim sectors and, much to their chagrin, the Alliance was made to take in countless refugees. Due to this situation, tensions began to rise between the Alliance and the Federation. The Sinai Ascendancy was left in a state of disarray after the revelation of the Mewtwos. Due to the pending end of the fifty-year trial period, many doomsday cults arose and the Congregate, the Ascendancy’s governing religious body, began to collapse. Due to Alex’s efforts in pushing for reform, one of the Sinai Sectors managed to improve dramatically under a new government structure, but the other one continued on the path toward falling apart.

As for the Romanovs, Supreme Admiral Ivan Cenov was a highly respected leader amongst his people. The clout he gained during the final battle and from expanding the Supremacy’s territory cemented his place in Romanov history. However, the Supremacy and the Federation became increasingly at odds over the years, and the future of the Galaxy remained uncertain as judgment from the Mewtwos drew ever closer...

Session Notes: I can’t believe it. It’s finally done! After sixteen months working on this project, I’m so glad that I’ve finally seen it through to the end. It’s been one hell of a journey with all it’s ups and downs. Thank you for reading this far.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s break this long final chapter down. The battle gave way to RP after more Mewtwos showed up. Apparently there were three possible outcomes, either we fucked up and the Mewtwos would fight us, we somehow convince the Mewtwos to help us fight I (which I firmly believe DragonStrom made completely impossible whether he meant to or not), or they just watch us fight, which is what actually happened. We did try our hardest to convince them though! At least we pissed I off!

Then that mechanical bastard threw the Eye of Aether at us! H’s hilarious hairbag augmentation actually came in handy! To absolutely no one’s surprise, Dialga was contained within the Eye. We were surprised that he made it use freaking Roar of Time though. It was going to use Flash Cannon on #1 at first, but someone said something. I forget exactly what was said, but it convinced DragonStorm to make it use Roar of Time instead and that move took so many things down. The Other Guy had no turns for a while so he convinced DragonStorm to let one of his Pokemon come out on it’s own to help. Luckily, H brought I down soon afterwards with another critical attack!

Due to the fleet stuff being resolved by random rolling, things balanced out pretty evenly in the end. I was kind of sad to see that the Romanovs didn’t get more wrecked in the fight so that they didn’t have such a strong position. Now they’ve got half the freaking Galaxy! I tried my best to sway things in our favor during negotiations, but it seems Alex’s argument seemed to fall on deaf ears.


When all was said and done, we spent like another hour, if not more, just doing epilogue stuff. We did a bunch of rolls and came up with a bunch of cool ideas that shaped the fate of the Galaxy into the state we’ll find it in come the sequel campaign in the future. It was really neat to see where our characters ended up. It was kind of interesting how Shane and Morgan were pretty much like the Spacemon OTP for a while, but in the end only one ship actually worked out and it wasn’t them. Of course, if only one worked out, it would have to be Alex and Naomi. After all the crap Alex has been through, I was very glad to see her get the happy ending she deserved. That life she envisioned with Naomi way back in the third part of her origin story actually came to be in the end. I also thought it was funny how we all worked in our ideas for ships that we came up with for that challenge way back: The Arceus, the Marauder, and Void Station. The thing with Morgan’s parents was actually originally for a side-story Clarissa was writing up, but she never really had the time to finish it so we just worked it into the epilogue instead.

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