Hello everyone, I’ve finally received my of Stella Glow and found the time to mess around with it, but before that I’m gonna have to unbox it. Just so you know, the 1st print copies of Stella Glow will come with some extra goodies. So get em while you can!

Now that’s over with and I have my box cutter ready. Let’s open this sucker!

Here’s the front and back of the outside sleeve. It should be noted that the front cover of the sleeve and the game box are actually different. The Sleeve has Lisette (the brunette girl) and Alto (the black haired boy) at the front while the rest of the characters are panning out behind them.

On the box’s the characters are closely surrounding Alto and Lisette in a circle as if they are enveloping the two.

The backs of the sleeve and box are basically the same except the sleeve includes a picture of all the extra goodies it comes with.

Also, my sleeve got a bit beat up while shipping to me… such is the nature of the mailing system :/

First off is the Bubu charm. It’s a bit of big and ungainly for me because I have no idea what I would put it on except maybe my backpack or messenger bag, but for now I’ll put it in a safe spot.

The CD is pretty standard fare for CDs bundle with games published by Atlus. It only has 5 tracks, which is a tad anemic. The front of the CD is pretty awesome because it’s a picture of Lisette’s inner world, which looks like something straight out of Madoka Magica.

Finally, the cloth poster is so awesome. It has this metallic sheen that looks quite cool and I really like how this sheen plays off the colored parts of the poster. I’ll have to iron it out to get the creases out soon and hang it on my wall.

Overall, the launch edition is pretty standard for what Atlus does for special edition releases, but the cloth poster sets it apart from its peers.

Stella Glow was developed by Imageepoch and published by Atlus on November 17th. You can purchase the launch edition of Stella Glow for 49.99 USD