Words that should be struck from video game titles:
Dangerous, Eternity, World, Journey, Secret, “of the”, Origins, Project, Invaders, Quest, Simulator, Heroes, Gods, War, Prophecy, Adventure, legacy, legend (thanks subj)

Also video games. Want to grab attention? Stop turning all your small icons into the equivalent of modern romance novels.


ETC ETC. I mean I WANT to spend money on your games I do. But looking at Pillars of Eternity’s icon and name I skim right by it even though it might be an excellent game.


Some of these are out of order I meant to just demonstrate two things 1. The set of icons that are just a group of dudes looking fantasy like, or the one guy and a title.

It’s boring. It doesn’t catch eyes.

Grey Goo on the other hand, I took a second and thought, “That is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard for a game.” Then you know what I did? I clicked on it. I found out it’s a halfway decent RTS. I love RTS! I ....didn’t buy it because I’m poor.


My point is moot. Welp have fun the rest of you guys at the steam summer sales. IF anyone wants to gift me Grey Goo, feel free :D