Rockmandash Reviews: Clannad [Visual Novel & Anime]

It’s only once in a blue moon that you’ll run into a story that fundamentally changes who you are. Clannad is a show that changed how I viewed the world, and how I treat others. I love it for what it did, and for what it is, and it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Welcome to Rockmandash Reviews, and today… »Tuesday 4:33pm11/24/15 4:33pm

Knights of Sidonia Season 1 - The WyvernZero Ani-TAY Review

After running out of food, Nagate Tanikaze is forced to disobey his grandfather’s last wishes, leaving behind the only home he has ever known and a pilot simulator in order to survive. Upon reaching the food processing plant, he is apprehended and taken into custody. Afterwards, Captain Kobayashi takes an interest in… »11/14/15 7:52pm11/14/15 7:52pm

RockmanDash Reviews: Sound of Drop - fall into poison [Visual Novel]

How do you deal with lingering feelings, dripping into your soul like poison? Do you face them, or in your attempt to swim, do you sink? Sound of Drop - fall into poison is a mystery horror VN that deals with such themes, and does it’s best to make a great experience... but is it enough? »11/11/15 2:12am11/11/15 2:12am

Koda's Top 5 Fall 2015 Anime Openings and Endings

With the changing of the seasons comes a change in the anime guard. Out with the old shows, in with the new ones and with them comes a new crop of openings and endings. Unfortunately this time around the resulting harvest is rather small, but only in quantity, not quality. For you see, one of the key pillars of my… »11/09/15 9:08pm11/09/15 9:08pm

Talk It Out - You know you're a geek if....

So it’s Monday and as we all know Monday is one of those days where we want nothing more than for it to not be Monday. So while you’re stuck at work or triyng to get through that first class of the day, why not kill time with your good friend Mr. PartyBusDriver and another Talk It Out. »11/09/15 12:24pm11/09/15 12:24pm