Watched With My Wife: Humanity Has Declined

With the recent failure to capture my wife’s attention with Chaika: The Coffin Princess, I was still feeling adventurous in our anime exploration. After poking around for a new series to try, I came across Humanity Has Declined. Rockmandash had recommended it, and the plot description piqued my interest: ‘The human… » 5/28/15 12:03pm Today 12:03pm

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage (Chapter 5) Impressions 

Hello again and welcome back. This is the weekly place where I discuss the latest chapter of Mikashi Kishimoto’s sequel manga Naruto Gaiden. As always for those new to my write ups or those who have missed a couple you can find the write ups for Chapter 4 and Chapter 3 here. Anyways welcome back and lets get to the… » 5/28/15 10:30am Today 10:30am

Anime North: An Otaku’s Dream Come True

If you are human, you’ve most likely had a dream that you wake up from, only to wish that what you had experienced actually happened. You may have been able to fly, or you may have found the love of your life; no matter the case, it was all an illusion. Of course, I’ve had no shortage of similar letdowns, but last… » 5/27/15 5:48pm Yesterday 5:48pm

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage (Chapter 4) Impressions 

Welcome back and once again thanks for reading my little write up’s on Naruto. For those of you new to this and judging by the comments each week some of you are, this is a weekly series that looks at the latest chapter of the Naruto sequel manga Naruto Gaiden. As always for those of you who have missed my previous… » 5/21/15 11:07am 5/21/15 11:07am

Crunchyroll Newletter's Top Five Favorite Winter 2015 Simulcasts

Sorry it has been so long since I last did something like this, but it is because of a few factors, like how we skipped over doing this feature for the Fall 2014 season and the fact that I didn’t really have the time to get around to do this. Anyways, to catch people up to speed, one of the things we started doing at… » 5/20/15 8:45pm 5/20/15 8:45pm

I Wish Anime and Manga Had More Prominent Adult Characters

I’m standing at a crossroads when it comes to my favorite entertainment media. Growing up I was able to freely enjoy anime and manga regardless of how the cast composition was in terms of character ages. Younger characters closer to my age obviously resonated with me, because I was in the same age range, while the… » 5/18/15 10:01pm 5/18/15 10:01pm

Thanks for Existing, Taisho Baseball Girls

It only took about 45 minutes after finding out that a show called Taisho Baseball Girls (Taishō Yakyū Musume) exists for me to start watching it. Taisho, baseball, and girls are all good things, though it really doesn’t take more than “Taisho” to hook me. For a historical refresher, the Taisho era (1912-1926) was… » 5/15/15 3:11pm 5/15/15 3:11pm

The 12 Best Shows I Have Watched Since Returning to Anime

Hello all, I’m Kristof and I have been watching anime on and off for around 20 years. As of 2008, though, I stopped watching the medium all together, but not because I lost my love of the art form. I was just so busy that I stopped watching almost all TV. Between a difficult and time-consuming major,… » 5/14/15 1:00pm 5/14/15 1:00pm

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage (Chapter 3) Impressions 

Welcome back to another installment of Naruto Gaiden Impressions now on it’s new home AniTAY if you’ve missed my last two write ups you can find them here and here. As always before reading this it’s of course best to read the chapter first as we’ll be dealing with spoilers. Anyways enough house cleaning lets move on. » 5/14/15 10:06am 5/14/15 10:06am

Rockmandash's Top 10 Favorite Visual Novels

Visual Novels. It’s a medium that many don’t really have much experience with, but it’s certainly an important part of life, something near and dear to my heart. Looking in that personal viewpoint, and because some asked me about this, I thought it would be interesting if I shared the Visual Novels I think about when… » 5/11/15 7:06pm 5/11/15 7:06pm

Year in Review: A Look Back at My First Year Writing for Crunchyroll

As some of you may or may not know, contributing to AniTAY is not the full extent of my anime writing. I am also a regular contributor to Crunchyroll’s official newsletter. I officially joined the newsletter on April 27th last year, though my first article wouldn’t go live until May 8th. So now that a full year has… » 5/11/15 10:03am 5/11/15 10:03am