Koda's Top 10 Summer 2015 Anime Openings and Endings

Another season, another flood of openings and endings to pass judgment on. And this season is by far the most difficult decisions I’ve experienced since I started doing these lists. I know that is something I say pretty much every season, but unlike in pretty much every prior season, this is because this season has… » 7/26/15 8:08pm Sunday 8:08pm

AniTAY Spring 2015 Seasonal Overview

Every season, we here at AniTAY do a list of Anime that You Should be Watching around the midd e of the season, an article type that we blatantly stole from Richard Eisenbeis. While this article is an awesome collaboration and it’s a great help for those people interested in the currently airing anime season, it’s not… » 7/26/15 9:07am Sunday 9:07am

Introducing Anime to your Significant Other: A Guide

After posting my last Watched with my Wife article, I realized that I had the kernel of a guide to introducing anime to your significant other hidden within it. I decided to extract that portion and expand upon it. This is in no way meant to be a treatise on the correct way to seduce your partner into becoming an… » 7/23/15 12:38pm 7/23/15 12:38pm

Upon Further Review: Chihayafuru - Part 1 (Ep. 1 - 8)

This last Sunday I had quite a bit of free time, but only having one show this season that airs that day, Arslan Senki, I was looking through my backlog for something to watch. Even though there are a good number of great shows in said backlog, or so I have been lead to believe, I was not feeling any of them at the… » 7/21/15 5:27am 7/21/15 5:27am

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan: The Ani-TAY Review

Taking place in a slightly different version of the “Disappearance” timeline of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan has the shy and cute Yuki Nagato once again in the desperate situation to keep her Literature Club alive along with the help of her friends Asukura, Kyon, and anyone… » 7/20/15 12:52pm 7/20/15 12:52pm

Do you remember ADV? SciFi Channel magazine remembers.

Courtesy of the April 2000 edition. Wow, $30 for a subtitled VHS tape with maybe 4 episodes? What a value! Although it is strange that the subtitled tapes were more than the dub, yet now the idea is license shows with a low expected buyer rate and do them cheap and sub only. Just shows how the business has changed in… » 7/17/15 5:07pm 7/17/15 5:07pm