Great Expectations - What I'm looking forward to in the future

With the past three months seeing the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 (and that demo nobody cared about), Bloodborne, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt we’ve seen a release schedule sure to please many gamers regardless of the various issues each game has. However being gamers looking in the past is so last week, who cares… » 5/27/15 1:30pm 5/27/15 1:30pm

What Fire Emblem: Awakening taught me about life

Hello Kotaku/TAY. So first things first,my name's Daniel,but you can call me Daylus Fleet (it's my intrepid,galactic explorer pseudonym). I'm a longtime Kotaku reader,first-time TAYer/commenter/whatever. I'm generally not really into socializing online,but I really like Kotaku,and I'd like be part of the… » 1/25/15 5:27pm 1/25/15 5:27pm

Let's Rank the Fire Emblem Games, From Worst to Best

Kotaku has been running a series called the Pecking Order, ranking games in a series from best to worst. In the spirit of this series, let's look at the Fire Emblem series today, ranking them from worst to best. All of the games in the Fire Emblem series are worth playing in their own right, but which are the best in… » 3/11/14 5:43pm 3/11/14 5:43pm

I've Been Thinking About Making a Game Similar to Fire Emblem

Hey everybody, I'm thinking about making a game! Well, it may not be a very organized effort or one that happens very quickly, but I'm going to kick it around in my spare time for shits and giggles. Mainly because I think there's a distinct lack of Fire Emblem esque games for the Vita. If I could get it up and… » 12/21/13 4:09pm 12/21/13 4:09pm