10 years later, F.E.A.R. is still the ultimate shooter experience

A lot of shooters try to empower the player by giving him/her an arsenal of realistic and/or fictional weapons, and letting them loose on a battlefield/arena chock-full of hostile NPCs that are all too happy to riddle you with bullets and/or beat the living crap out of you. It’s a formula that has stood the test of… »8/19/15 10:55pm8/19/15 10:55pm

Fruity's Miscellaneous Anime Awards of 2014!! (huzarr!)

Another year has come full cycle and along with it a slew of everyone and their mum's best offs and top 10's [insert medium] for 2014. I'm no different of course, as evidenced by the title above, if you've read it. Here I've tasked myself with the role of assigning the awards for the things that aren't appreciated… »12/30/14 7:09pm12/30/14 7:09pm

Rockmandash Rambles: What's with the Nintendo hate lately?

It seems as of late everybody's (well not here, but on comments over the internet and such) been hating on Nintendo, like it's cool to dislike Nintendo. You'll see the next article about how Nintendo's doom and gloom financial situation on a news site, people giving them crap because they are making the same thing… »5/15/14 7:15pm5/15/14 7:15pm