Gaming Fantasy Dinner Party – Guest Numbers Three & Four

This week is a twofer. The next two guests I would invite have a lot of similar traits, and it seems sensible to introduce them side by side. Firstly, they are both scientists, though their fields of expertise do differ. Secondly, these men are true intellectuals – men of ideas, creativity and invention. Thirdly, they… »4/29/15 10:30am4/29/15 10:30am

My Introduction to a New Universe, and the Comparison I had to Make.

I would consider myself to be a Sci-fi fan. Of course, Sci-fi is an incredibly broad category encompassing many things, so I'll narrow that statement by clarifying that I meant it in what many people would consider traditional Sci-fi: Humanity eventually taking off to the stars, spreading out from earth in ships,… »8/12/14 5:35pm8/12/14 5:35pm