Albums of the Year: A Musical Journey

52 weeks. 52 albums. A ton of music. In May 2014, I started my weekly series “Album of the Week” on TAYClassic. Now, one year later, I’ve decided to take a look back at what I’ve listened to over the past year. Alternative rock, heavy metal, metalcore, electronic, game soundtracks, and hard rock. Bands from all over… » 5/06/15 10:39am 5/06/15 10:39am

Music's Importance in Anime

Doesn't it seem crazy that we associate ideas with random sounds? For as long as humans have been around, much of our thoughts have been influenced by ideas that we vocalize through a variety of methods such as sound, which is utilized in the vibrations of our vocal cords to the strum of the guitar. We associate… » 4/07/15 7:14pm 4/07/15 7:14pm