Nintendo: Zip-Lash Could be Could Be Chibi-Robo's "Last Chance"

According to an interview on The Verge, it seems like Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe thinks this is Chibi-Robo’s last chance to find it’s footing, saying “I’ve continually thought about ways to build this into a mainstream success”. He goes on to say “We’ve challenged ourselves in assorted ways along those lines,… »10/01/15 4:43pmThursday 4:43pm

PHC's Monday Morning Incoherent Rambling Open Forum Whatever...

Guys, I’m really bored. But I made an open forum (not to supplant the objectively superior one at 10am), since everyone else is probably groggy, miserable, and desperately checking their phone interwebs for some form of non-caffeine stimulation while they stare at their office Outlook inbox and ponder what needs to be… »9/28/15 8:46amMonday 8:46am

Open Me: Eight Packs of Amiibo Animal Crossing Cards

So today the first set of amiibo cards was released alongside Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer! I managed to get my massive meatpaws on eight packs (four I had ordered from Amazon, and another four from a trip to Toys R Us—bonus!). These being blind packs, the open question (pun) was, of course: how may duplicates… »9/26/15 2:47am9/26/15 2:47am