The Money Pit of Toys: Let's See Photos of Your Collection UPDATED

I've had a lot of fun with the PhoTAYgraphy club series of posts, so I thought I'd try something similar with people's Toy/Collectibles. Do you have any figures that you are proud of or that have a story behind them? Snap a picture and post them up, or share a link to your collection. I'd love to see what people… »9/06/14 7:48pm9/06/14 7:48pm

PhO-TAYgraphy Club: I gotta get out of this Satellite Town...

Hello everyone welcome to another session of the one and only PhO-TAYgraphy Club, the unofficial Photo Club of Kinja! I'm your host Nach and this is our third themed session! Now everything will be a bit gloomy and sad, cause we are taking the colour away from our photos, Yes, this is the dreaded/beloved B&W session… »9/19/13 9:09am9/19/13 9:09am

Blip: There will be a new themed session of PhO-TAYgraphy Club next week!

Kinja's unofficial Photo Club will be back next week, so get your filters ready, set the contrast right, or look for your old prints! cause next week we have another themed session, this time we are tackling B&W Photography! Another broad theme, the only thing necessary to qualify is the complete absence of colour! »9/12/13 2:45pm9/12/13 2:45pm